Cameras roll on Woodley

Justine Clarke and Tom Long have joined Frank Woodley's new self-titled ABC comedy.

Justine Clarke and Tom Long have joined Frank Woodley’s new ABC comedy, simply titled Woodley.

Clarke will play the ex-wife of the accident-prone Woodley, and mother to their seven-year-old Ollie (Alexandra Cashmere). The physical comedy will see him try to reunite with her, but finds her new boyfriend Greg (Tom Long) will get in the way.

“I’m absolutely rapt that the lunatics at the ABC are helping me make something so unusual, a romantic comedy in which almost all the jokes are visual. We’re attempting to create a world of exhilarating comic nonsense, with an undertow of the sadness and the yearning for love that’s part of all our lives,” said Woodley.

ABC TV’s Head of Comedy, Debbie Lee added, “Viewers of all ages are in for a real treat. With a terrific cast on board and a wonderfully romantic script, Woodley is shaping up to be one of the comedy highlights of the year.”

The 8 part series, written by Woodley, begins shooting in Melbourne this week and will air later in the year on ABC1. Produced by Bucket Tree productions, it is directed by Trent O’Donnell.

Woodley previously appeared in the ABC comedy The Adventures of Lano & Woodley.

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  1. frank woodley is a truly inspirational character that we can all appreciate. as unfortunate as it is not having Collin Lane perform beside him, I am sure that it will be a terrific show

  2. Lots of talent involved – please ABC – schedule and publicise it Right! They buried Lano and Woodley, a near criminal act, having invested in it, ran it 6,30 weekend night several years ago – no-one saw it. Should be a good show though

  3. Will it have canned laughter? (in a good way) Is it a ‘sitcom’? Or an Outnumbered type series? With Welcher and Welcher it really missed the mark without a studio audience. This could be great…

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