Law & Dis-Order as NBC delays drama

Spin-off series Law & Order: Los Angeles has been delayed by NBC following casting changes.

Spin-off series Law & Order: Los Angeles has been delayed by NBC following casting changes.

NBC Executives said they were pleased with the ratings for the show, which has been one of the few new highlights of the network’s schedule. But the show won’t return in early February.

Recently, producer Dick Wolf, released Skeet Ulrich and two other cast members, Megan Boone and Regina Hall, due to creative changes.

Ulrich has two more episodes to film before the deputy district attorney played by Alfred Molina will move to the detective squad.

NBC will replace LOLA with more Parenthood episodes.

In Australia, Seven owns the rights to Law & Order: LA.

8 episodes have aired in the US.

Source: LA Times

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  1. I’ve seen the first eight episodes, and I have to say the decision to replace Ulrich and Hall is a good one (Boone I didn’t think was all that terrible, but she certainly wasn’t anything amazing). Equally, not returning the series immediately may give it time to sort itself out a bit more. As bitter as I am about cancelling Law & Order, I do think Law & Order: Los Angeles has potential, but it has issues that need addressing, and it seems that the right steps are being taken.

  2. That could explain the NBC line up changes but I like to think common sense prevailed in not putting Parenthood on hiatus for the Feb sweeps and then moving it to Mondays after The Event, on NBC. Seriously putting a family show like Parenthood on after The Event could have spelled the end for the show which is on a knife edge ratings wise.

    FYI there are a number of shows off next Tuesday because of the US State of the Union.

    So any news when Seven plans to air the new L&O? I would think it could confess some viewers which have watched the other L&O varieties, including the UK one all on TEN. Seven should have tested it over the summer IMO.

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