Lleyton Hewitt starts Seven commentary

But will he be any nicer to the umpires?

Lleyton Hewitt will join the Channel 7 commentary team tonight for matches featuring Gael Monfils, Venus Williams and Fernando Verdasco.

Hewitt’s commentary debut will see him join Bruce McAvaney and Jim Courier in the courtside commentary box.

Hewitt was ousted from the Open earlier this week.


  1. I was pleasantly surprised by Lleyton’s commentary. He is actually really well spoken and obviously extremely knowledgeable, not only about the game of tennis but also about the current international circuit. He has the rare insight that only comes from playing on that circuit and i’ve been really impressed by his commentary.

  2. I think Lleyton is doing a great job. He provides us some great insight into the game and allows us to find out what happens behind the scenes. He speaks intelligently and I’m looking forward to hearing him tonight!

  3. And to add further disgrace to Seven’s poor Australian Open coverage, Perth does not get to see Samantha Stosur live and they’re actually broadcasting it now even the game has finished a few moments ago.

  4. @ alfagirl i agree henri leconte is bloody annoying please get rid of him. As for Lleyton i like the guy and think he’ll make an excellent commentator. And anyone who’s read my posts here knows i don’t work for Seven 😉

  5. Secret Squïrrel

    If you don’t like the guy – fine, but I recommend that you actually listen to him commentate before deciding that you don’t want to hear him do that. I was pleasantly surprised. Maybe he just seemed so good when compared with Rasheed and McLachlan but I found his commentary to be insightful.

    I know some people don’t like Jim Courier either but I’d be happy with just the two of them commentating.

  6. I think Lleyton the commentator and Lleyton the player are two entirely different animals. I’m willing to give him a chance. At least we won’t have to see him. However, Henri Laconte, I think that’s his name, is really getting on my last nerve. The man is the worst commentator I’ve ever heard. He is loud, overbearing and a general annoyance. Please Channel 7 do not bring him back next year.

  7. The “ego” and the “arrogance” is what puts me off … it is far too obvious and overbearing with him … he would be a far better tennis player without all that.

    @steveany … great list of names you picked … the only one I don’t detest out of that list is Andy G!!!! Well done!

  8. @ steveany Thanks for making me laugh. Seriously. I don’t work for 7 I’m just a massive tennis fan who follows both tours through out the year and get to watch a lot of matches. I respect your opinion and was giving mine as a lot of people love to rip into Lleyton, hence my comments about a lot of people hating him. Sorry for coming across as point scoring.

  9. @Wayne, I think it’s fabulous that you’re all excited about Leyton commentating.
    I think it’s good that you’ve logged your affection for him, because everyone has their own opinion and they’re entitled to voice it. I’m even going to give you the benefit of the doubt that you don’t work for channel 7. I’m trying to be reasonable.

    But please don’t point score off me. Even you said “He might be a pain in the a*se and a lot of people hate the guy”, so allow me my opinion as I concede yours. And what you see in the pic as “passion..fight..and ar#ebusting’, I see as petulance, bad sportsmanship and titanic ego.
    Have a nice day. It’s Friday – lighten up!

  10. I am not a fan of Lleyton’s either I want to like him etc but there is something about him for me, maybe it was the years of his parents being everywhere with him who knows.
    He did do some commentary during the Hopman Cup this year and I hate to say but he was pretty good, he was intelligent and insightful.

  11. He might be a pain in the a*se and a lot of people hate the guy but have you actually heard him commenatate? The guy has a great tennis brain and is able to point out the little things that really make you understand the skills the players have. He is a great addition to the team and I cannot wait to hear him with Jim Courier.

    @ steveany why does the photo posted display detestable? A player has passion and fight and busts his a*se on the court and that is a bad thing? Please.

  12. I know we’re not allowed to bag our sports ‘stars’ ‘cos it’s ‘unAustralian’ but I find this guy so completely detestable it makes my gums bleed.
    And David couldn’t have found a better photo of him to prove my point.
    So many stars discussed on this website lately are so polarising – darryl sommers, rove, andy g, warnie, eddie mcguire, ricky gervais – that I’m beginning to wonder if that’s a personality trait producers are actually seeking.
    I think I’m getting too old for TV.
    ps – granted he’s an ok tennis player.

  13. Looks like i won’t be watching tennis tonight then. I hope they aren’t grooming him for a commentary career after he retires. Seven really have no idea. Roger Rasheed is terrible and they still bring him in. Hamish McLachlan is terrible hosting footy shows, and even worse with tennis especially commentary. And now Lleyton. Seven are so stupid.

  14. OMG! I thought we were rid of him when he lost his match …
    When will he just go away …

    I think it will be a bit awkward and embarassing to listen to him commentating …

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