Returning: Sunday Night, Border Security, The Force, Castle, Rafters

Seven confirms some slots across the next few weeks with a return for many shows -and a double dose of Bones.

With the tennis now out of the way, Seven confirms its new Sunday night line-up.

Sunday Night returns to 6:30pm followed by new episodes of Border Security and The Force: Behind the Line.

New Bones will air at 8:30pm (currently Sundays and Mondays) followed by the return of Castle. A repeat of Serial Killers airs at 10:30pm then new The First 48.

Packed to the Rafters returns at 8:30pm Tuesday on February 8th followed by Parenthood.

Rita is expected to arrive at Carbo and Retta’s engagement party, and nerves are at an all time high. Coby confides in Jake that he is struggling with Rachel moving in fulltime, and Ben’s positive façade is questioned when his emotions bubble to the surface.

My Kitchen Rules is now confirmed for 7:30pm Monday – Wednesday for three weeks while Bones is currently confirmed for Sundays and Mondays up to February 14.

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  1. It is great to have the Rafters back early.This time last year we were subjected to six months of Greys Anatomy which unless you are a fan of such shows is just too long while PTTR was off the air.

  2. Whats the point of Seven showing promos for The Amazing Race Australia when they are not going to show it anytime soon?, plus it looks like they are not going to fastrack the new US season.

  3. Sweet so glad we get packed to the rafters back early. I enjoy sunday night and border security is always interesting with what people try to bring in.

    Will we also be seeing new episodes of airways?

  4. I’m hoping Seven air No Ordinary Family soon, it looks like a good show, and they’re still playing ads for it which suggests it’ll premiere shortly. Plus, looking forward to The Amazing Race Australia but I think that’ll air after MKR wraps up. Was also hoping they would fasttrack the new US season; looks doubtful seeing as their Thursday lineup has been filled. Maybe another day?

  5. bones will stay on mondays until the underbelly movies are aired, then maybe conviction kitchen will take its place. And i think if the wednesday episode of MKR rates well enough, it will stay for the whole season.

  6. Sorry David but I noticed um.. a mistake in your post. I think you meant to write Jake confides in Coby ….etc…. not Coby confides in Jake! Have a Good Day! Keep up the Good work with this site!

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