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MTV Style is a new 8 part half-hour series devoted to fashion, style and music, hosted by Ruby Rose.

MTV is launching, MTV Style, a new 8 part half-hour series devoted to fashion, style and music, hosted by Ruby Rose.

Traversing Australia, New York and Tokyo, MTV Style will go in search of new trends, fashion fads and striking styles from the surprising to the unconventional to the rare and refreshing from high fashion through to the coolest street chic around the world.

Exploring the major part that music has played – and continues to play – in today’s fashion, Ruby will also get the low down on the style heroes and personal style influencers of a host of music icons and celebrities plus she’ll be delving into MTV’s archives to scrutinize ground-breaking music videos and the impact that they have had on the fashion and style landscape.

Taking ‘Style’ a step further, MTV Style will also be trawling the entire style industry to showcase anyone with an interesting fashion story to tell, from style leaders to up-and-coming talent to interior designers and artists to models and venue designers and even creators of gadgets plus Ruby will have special access to fashion and music’s elite at some of this year’s hottest fashion events, exhibitions and celebrity parties.

It premieres on MTV on Tuesday 12th April at 9:30pm.

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  1. Jeremy: I agree… prior to 7pm’s launch, Ruby got the most publicity out of the presenting team IIRC. Last year, the Sunday Telegraph asked Ruby’s management for an official answer. That answer was that Ruby was too busy with other projects.

    As for this show, it’ll be the first time Ruby’s been on MTV since, erm………..

  2. What happened to Ruby Rose on 7pm project?

    All the early ads heavily featured Ruby Rose and James Matheison alongside Dave, Charlie and Carrie – but I barely saw her on the show more than a couple of times before disappearing altogether.

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