Airdate: Wonders of the Solar System

UK Professor Brian Cox, who was recently a guest on The Graham Norton Show, will present a five part documentary series Wonders of the Solar System on SBS.

This 2010 series was co-produced by the BBC and Science Channel.

Planet Earth is a stunning planet, with spell-binding natural wonders and the only life known in the Solar System. But it doesn’t exist in magnificent isolation. The Space Age has brought new worlds of wonder into view. Dramatic images sent back by a fleet of probes, orbiters and landers have proved these worlds to be more spectacular than we ever imagined.

Physicist Professor Brian Cox ventures to some of the most extreme locations on Earth, including the tallest mountain, the bottom of the Pacific Ocean and the world’s driest desert, to paint a dazzling picture of a Solar System we are only now beginning to understand.

Episode 1: Empire of the Sun – Explore the powerhouse of our solar system: the Sun. From the profoundly moving moments of a total solar eclipse in India, to the spectacular battle between the Earth’s magnetic field and the solar wind witnessed in the Norwegian Arctic, and finally to predictions of our star’s explosive dying moments, we come to learn the beauty and extent of the Empire of the Sun.

It begins Tuesday, 1 March at 8.30pm on SBS ONE.


  1. @ Craig

    Ironically I usually ask myself except for SBS why is there nothing worth my time on 8.30 Tuesday? Not that I mind because I’m very happy they put documentaries on (science or history). If not SBS1 then SBS2. I also love that they are repeating Immigration Nation on 8.30 Wednesday because except for the first episode I couldn’t watch it on Sunday. Now I can. Thank you SBS.

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