Returning: Being Human

Aiden Turner, Lenora Crichlow and Russell Tovey return in the third series of Being Human on ABC2 next month as they move from Bristol to Wales.

They also have a new fulltime cast member in Sinead Keenan who has played hospital nurse Nina Pickering.

But the big surprise is Wire in the Blood’s Robson Green who joins the series as a werewolf.

Our unlikely heroes have moved to Wales to continue their quest to live like normal human beings, but with the net closing in on Mitchell over the Box Tunnel murders, Annie trapped in purgatory and George and Nina battling domestic challenges, it’s going to be more difficult than ever.

More werewolves, vampires and ghosts reveal themselves to the group throughout the series, including a particularly powerful werewolf McNair, his werewolf son Tom and a potty mouthed teenage vampire called Adam.

On tonight’s first episode, Mitchell crosses into the Afterlife in order to save Annie. There he meets his guide, Lia, a flirtatious young woman who leads him through Purgatory, making him re visit the crime scenes from his past.

Meanwhile back in Barry, George is arrested minutes before the full moon. Nina rescues him from the confines of the police station, but they are forced to transform together. Will they survive the night as werewolves without tearing each other apart?

It airs 8:30pm Friday March 18th on ABC2.


  1. great news, set it up to record right now coz I’ll be overseas for a few weeks and this won’t be in the EPG before I go and I would hate to miss one of my favourite shows.

  2. Great news… not sure how long they can keep with the premise but at least this series. It needs to end (when it does) on a high, not a slow lingering death like so many series.

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