RPA: Where are They Now?: Feb 23

RPA meets up with patients who have had cystic fibrosis, cancer, a ruptured patella and a liver transplant.

Tonight on RPA: Where are They Now? there are four more stories filmed at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney.

The stories include patients with cystic fibrosis, cancer, a ruptured patella and a patient with a donor liver.

Six years ago, 31-year-old Melinda was 13 weeks pregnant and suffering severely from cystic fibrosis. She had to make an agonising decision to keep her baby, knowing she might not survive the pregnancy. Melinda went through with the birth and now her daughter Luca is a bubbly, cricket-loving five-year-old. But Melinda is facing another heart-wrenching decision.

Army Captain Richard has stared death in the face before, but this time the enemy is deadly melanoma. Doctors discovered it on his lip and he needed extensive surgery to remove it. RPA catches up with Richard after 18 months to see if he is winning his war on cancer.

Primary school teacher Belinda, 26, was born with a disease that slowly destroyed her liver. A transplant was her only option for survival. She received a donor liver in 2008 but that was just the beginning as she battled to live. RPA – Where are They Now? checks in with Belinda to see what a difference three years have made.

A bad move playing basketball landed Jacob, 27, in Emergency with a ruptured patella (knee cap). His future on the basketball court was in doubt. Three years and 12 months of rehabilitation later, Jacob has reassessed his life – but is he back playing basketball?

It airs Wednesday, February 23, at 9.30pm on Nine.

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