Generation L, the newest word in lesbian TV

Freehand, which recently produced new Aussie “reality drama” Freshwater Blue, now has a second project in the genre.

‘Generation L’ is a series that goes behind closed doors and into the lives of Aussie of gay women.

The project is being pitched (or is that bitched?) to various Free to Air networks and Foxtel and in the meantime is making use of YouTube to generate a following for the show.

In Episode 1′ The Road to Mardi Gras‘, Renee goes to Tongue Twister, the party of 1,000 exes where she comes face to face with a blast from her past.

Might be ripe for ELEVEN or GO!?

Warning: Language.


  1. The main issue is that they are all older women. They have jobs, they have a family, etc. The majority of the lesbians I know and see out on the town are teenagers or early twenty year olds who are either in uni, living off Centrelink, are still at school or work at Woolworths. How can these girls relate to these women?
    While I both understand and respect that this is intended to be “edgy” or “alternative” and show “the other side of lesbians”.. It’s a big load of crap. I’m on the scene and not once have I heard the vulgar slang that these women are using.

    I’m sick of people making these stereotypes for lesbians and acting like we have our own words and lifestyle. Don’t make us a joke. Not everyone wants to be like “Shane” from The L Word.

  2. Can’t imagine FTA would be interested in something this niche. We already know that things like Offspring, Californication etc are too edgy to garner a decent audience.

    10 may have been interested at one stage but I think the new regime is more profit driven and James Warburton will impose a 7 culture that “if it is not going to generatre decent ratings we are’nt going to pay for expensive productions.” I personally have no problem with this though some may mourn 10’s loss of innocence.

    Maybe Foxtel would have an interest but that may be about the best hope the producers have.

  3. @ Allie & Casting Couch – I’m sorry you feel over the lesbian subculture that I belong to, unfortunately, when you are gay you don’t really have the choice to be “over” the subculture you belong to.

    Lesbians on TV are so under represented and it’s nice to finally have the potential opportunity to see something from Oz finally.

    Late night SBS would suit me fine, the Beyonwiz will handle that!

  4. I hope someone picks up the show.
    I burst out laughing when I seen the white L late.
    Does that mean that gay men get the P plate as their logo? hehehe

  5. @Trix There isn’t any indigenous programming on Foxtel, 11 or Go either. It wouldn’t be finacially viable.

    It’s not a criticism of the concept. My point is that this show isn’t broad enough to bring in the viewers and subsequent ad reveue that would justify commisioning it.

    The other thing that the teaser lacks is any footage of actuality. It’s one thing to make the subjects sound interesting through interview, it’s another to build compelling stories through interview.

    I wish freehand luck, I just can’t see it being viable for a network commision.

  6. Is there anything on earth trendier than lesbianism? I couldn’t be less interested, I’m totally over the gay subculture and doubt whether it would have broad audience appeal. Sounds like a late night Friday night SBS program.

  7. Looks great. I absolutely think there’s a place for this in the thousands of available hours of airtime. Mike, you could have used exactly the same argument 10 years ago to suggest there wasn’t a viable audience for indigenous programming too. Sometimes it’s a matter of building it and they will come.

  8. I doubt Foxtel, 11 or GO! would consider for this.

    There is nothing wrong with the docu-soap genre it’s just the lesbian subculture isn’t broad enough to attract a viable audience.

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