Oprah sets finale date

After 25 years, The Oprah Winfrey Show will take its leave from television on May 25th.

Winfrey broke the news that the show would end back in 2009 but only confirmed the final date on Friday.

This week she tweeted she was “hard at work planning the final shows — can’t wait to share w/u all!”

From there Winfrey will turn her attention to her struggling cable network, OWN, which launched to less-than-stellar viewership in January.

No word yet on who her final guest(s) will be, what format the final show will take.

TEN will surely air this one in primetime due to the media coverage it will get. No brainer!

Source: NY Post, LA Times


  1. I hope a change in daytime.Maybe move Bold and the Beautiful back to 1pm and everything else gets moved forward and something family friendly between 4 and 5pm to lead us into the news services.

  2. I dont know why TEN don’t air some of Oprahs New eps in primetime. Not one each day, but maybe Monday and Tuesday each week. It was such a winner last time when she was here, sure, it probably won’t have such a huge impact, but It will certainly boost their ratings on those nights. You’d think they’d want to cash in as much as they can before she leaves.

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