Craig Reucassel to appear on Q & A’s republic debate

Payback. The Chaser's Craig Reucassel is now a guest on the special Q & A edition that looks at the relevancy of the monarchy to Australia.

It’s payback time already.

The ABC has announced that The Chaser‘s Craig Reucassel is now a guest on tonight’s special Q & A edition that looks at the relevancy of the monarchy to Australia and whether we should become a Republic.

The Q & A portion will now run for a full hour instead of 30 minutes. Surprise, surprise.

Also appearing are:
Senator Nick Minchin, Liberal powerbroker and avowed monarchist
Amanda Vanstone, Former Liberal Minister and outspoken republican
Marcia Langton, Academic and Aboriginal activist
Bob Carr, Former NSW Premier and a passionate republican
Angela Bishop, Entertainment reporter and monarchist

The documentary Is the Royal Romance Over? airs from 8:30 with Q & A airing 9:30 – 10:30pm on ABC1.

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  1. Australia is still being run like a British colony by a minority. non anglo’s are being treated like an educated lower class. Throw out all that anglo garbage, put in place a political system that will unite us as a nation of many colors. I feel like I have wasted my life here, trying to find a new home in a clearly intolerant atmosphere towards the non-British

  2. @Ryan

    Well the debate rolls on and there are good points of view from both sides. While you make a valid point, I see this issue as fundamental to the existence of Australia and ultimately an irreversible decision, so every detail has to be examined to the enth degree. OK so I deliberately named some well dodgy post colonial republics. But what happens in our lifetime will affect others in the future and if we make such an immense decision, the safeguards have to be robust and future proof. As for ‘modern developed republics’, Italy has Benito Berlesconi and Greece is a basket case.The worlds greatest republic farcically elected George W Bush for 8 years, very controversially in 2000 when just 537 votes in Florida ( a state where his brother just happened to be Governer) allegedly got him accross the line for a nation of 250m. Given the treatment dished out to US born Obama this week, do we really want to descend to this banal dumbed down irrelevance. My current view is that once Will & Kate have produced offspring to secure the future of the British Monarchy is that we adopt larrikin Harry as our head of state and let him provide for the future. On the subject of Harry…doesn’t he look like his dad?

  3. Geoff, that’s a shame mate. The chaser boys are extremely clever and articulate when separated 😉 Craig has been on QandA before and he is always articulate and expresses his opinions well.

    Interesting the royal family didn’t ask for the documentary to be cancelled too…

  4. Jezza would make a valid point, if only he understood that it is the circumstances under which these countries became republics, rather than the concept that they are republics that really matters. And considering Australia’s stability, the question of becoming a failed state as a result of kicking the monarchy is irrelevant.

    Hey may also like to note, if irrelevance is his game the flourishing constitutional monarchies in history. Such as the Solomon Islands currently, the former Russian Empire and the conflict ridden Kingdom of Nepal until its transition to a republic in 2008.

    Becoming a failed state is not relevant to this debate.

  5. I hope the show discusses sucessful republics like Syria, Libya, Venezuala, Iran, North Korea and along with all the superb well governed republics in Africa our beloved old favourite Zimbabwe. Young Bobby Mugabe is progressing well in transforming an ex-colony into a modern dynamic democratic republic. Should be a good debate.

  6. In my opinion the monarchy in this day and age is useless. They dont do anything meaningful. Its usually now the politicians who decide what to do for the country and when to do it. The politicians are the ones with a lot of responsibility not the monarchy. When the monarchy had a more active role in decision making about how the country would run and who would get what and how much taxes would be paid then the monarchy was relevant now and for a while now they have become less and less relevant. The monarchy in england and probably in other western nations with a monarchy is just a tourist attraction and a sideshow nothing more nothing less.

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