“#ImSuingCh7Because Packing them To The Rafters is a violation of planning & fire safety codes.”

Yes, spurred on by Sydney Morning Herald critic Michael Idato and Hungry Beast‘s Marc Fennell those cheeky Twitter folk were last night coming up with new reasons to sue Channel Seven.

Adam Boland and James Warburton, you have a lot of ‘splaining to do….

Here are some of the funnier contributions in a topic that was trending last night.


– Home and Away cannot simultaneously be both home AND away.

– Two words: Today. Tonight.

– 2 words. Thorpie’s Angels.

– another 2 words Dragons Den


– shirl’s neighborhood didn’t air enough of Claude the crow!

– I have not received one royalty cheque from Romper Room. Not one!!

– after years of watching Better Homes and Gardens neither my home nor garden is better, they might actually be worse.

– The Event was very uneventful

– I work at Channel 10 and could really do with the extra cash

– Brothers and Sisters, 46% of the main cast members aren’t brothers OR sisters. Disappointing, Ch7. Very disappointing.

– Heston’s Impossible Mission always seems quite possible

– they still haven’t shown me a castle on Castle.

– I’m yet to see a single star on dancing with the stars!

– I missed a special report no parent should miss.

– Private Practice is not private.

– they don’t show better homes and gardens live. Ever.

– I accidentally laughed during According to Jim.

Feel free to throw in some more ideas…


  1. I’m suing Channel 7 because

    – they hired Kyle Sandilands to judge a talent show. Hello, irony.

    – after five years, I have yet to work out what the Desperate Housewives are so desperate about.

    – there aren’t enough cliched, stereotypical, twenty-something females on Winners & Losers

  2. #ImSuingCh7Because former TV presenters from Nine are working at Seven especially news presenters including Mark Ferguson, Jess Rowe and Mike Munro

  3. Hahahaha Get that into ya channel 7 Hahahaha thats what you get you Suck!!! Now channel 7 your ratings are going to go down the drain after this hahaha you F***ing I**ots You Deserve this because your worst channel hahahahahaha!

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