Scrooge McDuck tops Forbes “fictional rich list”

Forbes Magazine has compiled a list of the richest characters, predominantly from TV, film and publishing, and it is topped by Scrooge McDuck with a cool $44b.

Sorry Hugo from Lost, you don’t make the cut.

To qualify for the Fictional 15, characters must be known, both within their fictional universe and by their audience, for being rich. Net worth estimates are based on an analysis of the fictional character’s source material, and where possible, valued against known real-world commodity and share price movements.

1. Scrooge McDuck – $44.1 billion (Mining, Treasure hunting)

2. Carlisle Cullen – $36.2 billion (Compound Interest, Investments)

3. Artemis Fowl II – $13.5 billion (Theft, Forgery, Facebook)

4. Richie Rich – $9.7 billion (Inheritance, Conglomerates)

5. Jed Clampett – $9.5 billion (Oil and Gas)

6. Tony Stark – $9.4 billion (Defense)

7. Smaug – $8.6 billion (Marauding)

8. Bruce Wayne – $7.0 billion (Inheritance, Defense)

9. Mr. Monopoly – $2.6 billion (Real Estate)

10. Arthur Bach – $1.8 billion (Inheritance)

11. Jo Bennett – $1.2 billion (Electronics, Inheritance)

12. C. Montgomery Burns – $1.1 billion (Energy)

13. Chuck Bass – $1.1 billion (Real estate)

14. Gordon Gekko – $1.1 billion (Investments)

15. Jeffrey Lebowski – $1.0 billion (Inheritance)

Source: Forbes


  1. Stark is 6th? Wow, he’d be shattered if he knew.

    This is good for a laugh though, I like that the Forbes guys have a sense of humour. Keep it up fellas.

  2. Interesting that Tony Stark is worth more than Bruce Wayne – not that I’m disagreeing, just curious to know how they judged that, seeing as they are both in the same industry…

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