Seven decided against MasterChef bid

Channel Seven considered bidding for MasterChef last November after producers reached “an impasse” with TEN, but Seven Media Group chairman Kerry Stokes did not believe Elisabeth Murdoch “would do over her brother” Lachlan, a court heard yesterday.

Elisabeth Murdoch owned the Shine International group, prior to her sale to Rupert Murdoch.

The claims were made during the case between Seven and its former employee James Warburton, who is due to become the new CEO of TEN.

Warburton was heavily involved in discussions on MasterChef Australia and AFL for Seven. The court also heard he has knowledge of sensitive financial information, including budgets, and sales targets which he could take to TEN.

Seven wants to block Warburton from taking up his new role at TEN until October next year while Warburton argues he is free to join in July.

TEN announced a new 3 year deal with MasterChef in February.

Warburton is expected to appear in the witness box later this week.

Source: The Australian


  1. Armchair Analyst

    The current ratings for MKR are not to bee taken seriously. This is because they are not up against Masterchef. If they were then Masterchef would beat MKR in the ratings and it would be a real test for MKR. So for all of the people saying how good MKR is then i have this for you. If MKR is good or better than last year it is because its not competing against Masterchef. Which means the show is not up to the standard of Masterchef.

  2. i have to confess i’ve come on board in the last few weeks to MKR – the last season of MC really put me off; the “emotion” and the constant plugs & product placement. Yes, i know MKR has it too – but it’s just that bit more refreshing. My “pet like” about the show is that (from what i’ve seen, apologies if this has been different) the judges give their anouncement before the add-break – unlike mc where everything is drawwwwwwwn out. Ok, Vent over!

  3. @col
    I don’t know if you and I were watching the same show. When i look back on MC it was very much indeed about the cooking and especially about the presentation. I can only remember the contestants talking about their lives when they got close to the finale. That’s about it.

    I think a big reason why MKR is doing so well is because it fills in the void MC has left with viewers. If they were both on the same time, i doubt MKR would be doing so well

  4. MKR despite rating less than MC would have to be giving MC a run for it’s money in profit margins. MC has a huge (rumoured $50mil) license fee. Whereas MKR doesn’t have that fee at all because it is an in-house show.

    If 7 did get MC it would be more to take it off ten than to use it to their own advantage.

  5. This Warburton thing is a real blow for Ch7. As the article mentions, he has knowledge of programming and acquisitions until October Next year. Goes to show how far ahead networks schedule their slates.

  6. I hope theres been a change to the show to make it alot more about cooking rather than the actual contestants themselves.Not stopping every 2 mins to talk about there life or what there doing. I thought MKR was a bit better in that it showed alot more of the preparation in the cooking than Masterchef.Heres hoping.

  7. Seven must be wrapped that they passed on MC. They have built up MKR so it generates very similar figures to MC without paying the huge royalties to Shine.

    If you look at the production values in this year’s series of MKR you can see that 7 has taken on the look and feel of MC but are still different enough to avoid any suggestion that they are blatantly copying.

  8. Ch7 have made a great success of poaching shows…just look at the huge ratings they still get for Kath & Kim, and also “Thank God You’re Here”….they would have made MC the number one show. Still not to be.

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