US ratings: who topped the year?

In the US the TV ratings are all about the 18-49 demos.

The top performer for the 2010- 11 year was again American Idol.

Moving up were ABC’s Dancing With the Stars and Modern Family, while some of the notable declines included CBS’ Undercover Boss, FOX’s House and ABC’s Desperate Housewives.

NBC’s The Voice is the highest-rated new show followed by CBS’ Mike & Molly.

Here are the top network shows:

American Idol — Wed FOX 8.8
Sunday Night Football NBC 8.0
American Idol — Thu FOX 7.7
NFL Sunday Pre-Kick NBC 5.6
The Voice NBC 5.6
Dancing With The Stars ABC 4.8
Modern Family ABC 4.8
NFL The OT FOX 4.6
Big Bang Theory CBS 4.4
Survivor:Nicaragua CBS 4.3
Grey’s Anatomy ABC 4.3
The Office NBC 4.0
Two And A Half Men CBS 4.0
Glee FOX 4.0
Family Guy FOX 3.9
House FOX3.9
Football Night In America NBC 3.8
Amazing Race: 17 CBS 3.8
Criminal Minds CBS 3.8
Survivor: Redemption Island CBS 3.8
Dancing With The Stars Results Show ABC 3.8
Desperate Housewives ABC 3.8
The Bachelor ABC 3.6

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  1. kinda off topic but will someone tell me whats so great about NCIS?? i have watched alot of cop/crime shows in my time & i just cant see whats so special about it…

  2. Out of all the shows on that list I only watch NCIS, Glee, The Office, Modern Family & Desperate H’wives.
    Most of the others are horrible reality shows which I’d never watch in a pink fit.
    Can you tell I’m not in the desired demographic? LOL
    I find it odd because I do have more spending power now than I have ever had, and more time to shop. You’d think advertisers would like me!
    BTW, where has Modern Family gone?
    I know there are new episodes we haven’t seen, so what’s going on?

  3. @J Shaw

    “where Steve Carell has left & replaced by Will Ferrell” (…temporarily…)

    and a spoiler alert (or in this case a half spoiler alert, because that statement is only only half true) would be nice…

    And on that topic – Come on Catherine Tate!

  4. ELEVEN is still showing “The Office” season 6 here in Australia. About 15 months behind the current season where Steve Carell has left & replaced by Will Ferrell

  5. @ Pietro, get off your high horse. Honestly. Cable is Not as good as people make it out to be. Jersey Shore is The rule.

    @ JamesJ, it means that of the 18-49 American population, on average 8.8% of them watch American Idol. Or at least 8.8% of the Nielsen families do.

    @ Brad It doesn’t help when the episodes air 6 months after the Americans air it, the promos over here are mediocre at best, and then they cut down the content often below the 40mins per hour rule, so that their reality shows can spend an extra 5 minutes with dramatic music to get the message to the audience that 8 > 7.It’s the reason why I only watch Letters and Numbers, East West 101, and some documentaries on TV, otherwise, I have other adless, uncut content sources I view from.

  6. I’ve never understood US ratings… does that mean Idol at no.1 averaged 8.8 million? or got 8% of total viewing share (remembering cable is so huge there) or what? What does the number actually represent?

  7. @Brad : Thanks for posting what I was melting braincells to work out for myself. 😉

    Good to see Survivor aint going anywhere in a hurry with those ratings.

  8. @Brad

    Idol hasn’t been axed here, well the local version has but the American version still airs on Fox8 here.

    Its an interesting list. We all thought Idol would slump this season and it has dropped year on year but its still #1.

    That list doesn’t surprise me really.

  9. Amazed to see two Survivor seasons ranked so high when you consider the Australian ratings. Hopefully that means plenty more seasons. Likewise TAR.

  10. @ David

    Interesting. Thanks. 🙂

    @ Charlie Miso

    The Community is listed at 2.0 below The Chicago Code and above The Chase, Cape, & Chuck.

  11. I didn’t realise how big DWTS was in the US. I knew it was reasonably successful, but I did not know it was a Top 10 show.

    @Brad, interesting comparison, thanks so much. Just proves that certainly not everything that does well in the US translate to Aussie screens.

  12. @charlie, yes it’s kind of sickening how Modern Family, Two and a Half men, Big Bang Theory and even to an extent The Office rate so well, yet are so… bad.. more stupid people in the world than intelligent ones I guess 🙁

  13. Interesting when you compare how these shows (or their equivalents) go in Australia
    1. Idol (Axed)
    2. Football (Successful though fragmented between AFL & NRL with Friday being the big night)
    3. Idol (See ABove)
    4. Football (See Above)
    5. The Voice (Ch. 9 trying this here soon)
    6. DWTS (Successful)
    7. Modern Family (OK not great figures)
    8. Football (Sure love their NFL in USA!!)
    9. TBBT (Fairly successful)
    10. Survivor (No longer a big drawcard downunder)
    11. Greys (Past its prime)
    12. NCIS (Successful)
    13. The Office (US version not successful in Aust)
    14. 2.5 Men (Successful)
    15. Glee (Successful)
    16. Family Guy (Secondary channel fare)
    17. House (Past its prime, now struggles badly)
    18. Football (See above!!!)
    19. Criminal Minds (Successful)
    20. Survivor (See Above)
    21. DWTS (See Above)
    22. Desperate Housewives (Past its prime and now struggles)
    23. NCIS LA (Moderately successful)
    24. The Bachelor (Axed)

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