Postcards (SA): “It’s not like the ratings died or nobody advertised”

Postcards SA host Keith Conlon, who learned this week that the show had been axed by WIN Television, says its been an “appalling week.”

But he’s also pragmatic enough to know that decisions of management don’t always reflect the wishes of viewers.

“Television’s like that, where sadly these things do come to an end, sometimes for reasons outside of rational thinking and this is one of those,” he told Adelaide Now.

“It’s not like the ratings died or nobody advertised or it got old and nobody cared.”

The Postcards website records half-a-million unique visits a month.

“The secret of the program is it tells stories – and it tells our stories,” he said.

“A lot of lifestyle programs seem to be losing that knack – it’s terribly upfront and gorgeous-looking but where’s the story?”

The show will have topped 600 episodes by the time it ends in November.


  1. Keith did nothing to promote Nine but now he is acting like the hero who tried to save it. He is the typical talent – huge ego, all about him. I even heard he was going to retire last year anyway. He is now upset as it wasnt on his terms

  2. I’m not sure Keith would have won too many brownie points with his employer when he spent the better part of a day’s tweets bagging out The Block, a couple of weeks back.

  3. Tim Welsh-Eliot

    “It’s not like… nobody advertised” – wait, wasn’t the SA version like the VIC Postcards, where it is All advertising? 🙂

  4. Al, WIN Corp isn’t a listed company because it’s private, so the most likely take-over will come from WIN themselves when Nine Entertainment Company is finally floated & those 75% reach rules are abolished.

  5. it’s always a race between 7 & 9 in Adelaide. Both are still owned by networks so I don’t see why people believe 7 is local. How about 10, SBS and ABC? What local programs do they do? Look at the job cuts at Ten the past few weeks. So many jobs were lost in Adelaide.
    Nine won 2 nights this week, 7 the rest. We are talking about 1 program being cancelled. Look at the number of programs that get cancelled every year. Nine News wins on weekends in Adelaide, 7 News during the week. Nine has a new team where as 7 has had the same team forever. Postcards is a winner in the over 55s, but Out Of the Blue (7, same timeslot) is a winner in 25-54.
    At the end of the day, times are tough. Look at David Jones. It is expected to get worse. It’s either cut costs now to save jobs, or lose everything and see everyone lose their jobs.

  6. Nine has lost the plot since Kerry Packer died.Going back to the National A Current Affair instead of the local one was a big mistake,Now Postcards going to the scrap heap and who knows what else will go.

    I am old enough to remember the days of the original Channel Niner’s and C’Mon Kids in the eighties all of which is now history made here in Adelaide Tynte Street Studios.I bet you where a picture of Winky Dink once stood they now have one of Charlie Sheen.

  7. Labor said they were going to ditch the “reach rules” – has this happened? If they did the maybe WIN could be bought out by Channel 9. No more WIN, that would be nice 🙂

  8. So I suppose Channel 7 is the number 1 station in Adelaide, with their 6pm news serivce & the local today tonight program have not been beaten by Channel 9 for a number of years now & a local program Out of the Blue moved from 9 to 7 at the start of this year.

  9. WIN is not winning in Adelaide. No Postcards, rugby at stupid times of the evening, what is next? Scrapping the local news? They scrapped the local A Current Affair. There will nothing left. Is this the way to keep viewers?

  10. funny how Keith fails to mention the people that worked with him on Postcards. He was 1 presenter of 4 and not to mention the EP and crew. 600 eps is amazing and most tv shows would do anything to reach that point. I think he should be grateful he still has a job on radio unlike some of the other people involved.

  11. Looks like WIN’s Slash & Burn National Tour has moved from Tassie to Adelaide. Don’t worry Perth, you won’t miss out either…

  12. WIN need to change their call sign to Losers. Why does everything have to be relayed from Sydney into every other city. Just because the big wigs make Sydney their homebase doesn’t mean it is the centre of the Universe. It would a nice change to see local programs become the norm again, good shows like Postcards was just one of those shots in the arm Adelaide needed, but no that can’t be, lets destroy a once sensational local industry even further. Hey if anyone at Channel 7 Adelaide has any idea about real television and keeping Adelaide in Adelaide, then grab hold of this production crew and put it in your schedule. Make WIN realise when it comes to local programs, Adelaide doesn’t have to get them via Sydney.

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