Returning: Treme

Season Two of US drama Treme returns to Showcase later this month.

Fourteen months after Katrina hit New Orleans, the characters remember their deceased loved ones and focus on continuing to cope with the struggles in their lives.

Created by The Wire‘s David Simon and Eric Overmyer, the first and last episode is guest written by celebrity chef, Anthony Bourdain.

Episode two is directed by Tim Robbins.

Guests this season include Shawn Colvin, John Hiatt, Steve Earle, and Walter “Wolfman” Washington.

Over a year has passed since Hurricane Katrina, but residents of the Crescent City, New Orleans are finding it harder than ever to rebuild their lives, much less hold on to their special cultural identity. Some have left to become expatriates in places like New York. Others have been forced to sell off their homes to outside developers. Crime and drug use are up, and corruption and graft has dried up money intended for recovery. So why bother to stay? Because it’s New Orleans.

From The Wire’s David Simon and Eric Overmyer, and guest written by celebrity chef, Anthony Bourdain, this Emmy®-nominated drama series takes place during the rebuilding of post-Katrina New Orleans, and focuses on a group of residents who attempt to rebuild their lives through the music and cultural traditions that make them, and the city, unique.

The series title refers to one of New Orleans’ oldest neighbourhoods, an important centre of African-American and Creole culture and the birthplace of jazz itself.

The events of Treme Season 1 began three months after Katrina, and culminated around the Carnival season. Season 2 begins approximately eight months after the end of Season 1, or 14 months after Katrina. Ironically, it has become even harder for the musicians, restaurateurs, radio deejays and community leaders we met to survive; two, in fact, have moved to NYC. Those who remain are coping with high crime levels and dwindling federal support, as the rest of the country has turned its attention on new crises away from the Gulf, which has yet to be ravaged by oil spills. Still, the proud, even defiant spirit that defines the city lingers among Treme’s faithful, who continue to press forward, committed to holding on to their ideal of New Orleans is, and should always be.

It returns 7:30pm Sunday July 31st on Showcase.


  1. showcase should replace On Demand Preview on channel 138 and get it away from the showtime movie channels, so that way people will be able to watch uninterrupted entertainment with Treme, True Blood, Tangle etc

  2. this is the best drama out of the US in years! can’t wait for season two- i literally went through the 7 stages of grief after Creighton died!
    Such brilliant drama/music/acting/location/heart&soul!
    and i love Tony Bourdain, so i can’t wait to see what he does!

  3. Can’t wait! Each ep is an occasion for singing and dancing around the lounge room. Thank God I discovered the Neville Bros during Uni so I know all the words to nawlin’s hymns.

  4. I found the first episode a bit difficult (hard to understand), but persevered and ended up really enjoying the stories and the characters.
    Looking forward to the second season.

  5. I’m looking forward to this, the first season was simply superb. Not sure about episodes being written by celebrity chefs though… That could end very badly indeed.

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