Airdate: Same Name

Next week Nine moves The Farmer Wants a Wife to 7:30pm Mondays and screens US reality show Same Name in which a celebrity switches lives (temporarily!) with a person bearing the same name.

In the first episode David Hasselhoff trades places with an electrical technician and landscaper in Texas, also known as David Hasselhoff. Poor bloke.

I haven’t figured out what the purpose of it all is yet. Because a producer thought it was clever? So the celeb can say, “Yeah my life is way better than yours?”

Also featured in the series are Kathy Griffin, Mike Tyson and Miami Dolphins player Reggie Bush. Given Nine skipped some episodes of the US Who Do You Think You Are? what is the likelihood that the Reggie Bush episode is actually going to air?

This will be the third different show in the 7:30pm Wednesday timeslot in as many weeks.


  1. I saw the promo last night and had a laugh. Yeah it looks pretty trashy, but that’s the point I think. It’s not a show to take seriously, it’s a show to get a few laughs out of (hopefully!). It may turn out to be boring crap, but I saw enough to give it a try… well at least for one episide.

  2. I saw this ad on last night for the first time and thought who came up with this brilliant idea for a tv show. It wont work and who cares if someone else out there has the same name as a famous person.

    But at least the x factor should win the timeslot.

  3. Sure, the celebs who have been chosen for this series may seem a bit odd (passed threir used by date)?

    However, it is an interesting concept!


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