GO! turns 2 and leads key demos

GO! celebrates its second birthday with some wins in key demos -but overlooks multichannels from public broadcasters.

Yesterday marked two years since GO’s soft-launch on August 9th 2009 (it didn’t officially launch until October 4th) and it was celebrating with very strong numbers in the multichannel market and teasing about “5 big reasons to get excited.”

Those 5 reasons are TV shows The Voice, The Bachelorette (which both premiered yesterday), Hart of Dixie, Suburgatory, and The Vampire Diaries.  It didn’t detail when the other three shows would premiere, but all of them return in the US in the second half of September.

It is also offering 30 Touchpads in a viewer contest.

GO! boasts that its weekly reach (viewing of 5 mins or more) is 5.417 million viewers, that it is “Australia’s #1 Multichannel” as well as #1 25-54, #1 18-49 #1 16-39 #1 GB+CH.

National Sales Manager Les Hart said, “The last two years have been an incredible journey for GO! With highly engaging and familiar content combined with fresh new US series, GO! has struck a chord with both viewers and advertisers.”

However GO! based those calculations only on commercial multichannels, leaving ABC2, ABC3, ABC News 24 and SBS TWO out of the data. This skews the results meaning only some of the claims are true.

Adding in all multichannels, TV Tonight has found the results as follows:

Total Individuals:
ABC2: 2.1%
ABC3: 0.6%
ABC News 24: 0.7%
7TWO: 4.5%
7MATE: 3.3%
GO!: 4.0%
GEM: 2.8%
ONE: 2.0%
ELEVEN: 3.4%
SBS TWO: 0.7%

Ppl 16-39:
ABC2: 2.3%
ABC3: 0.3%
ABC News 24: 0.6%
7TWO: 2.0%
7MATE: 5.6%
GO!: 6.0%
GEM: 3.0%
ONE: 2.7%
ELEVEN: 5.7%
SBS TWO: 0.6%

Ppl 18-49:
ABC2: 2.2%
ABC3: 0.3%
ABC News 24: 0.6%
7TWO: 2.4%
7MATE: 5.0%
GO!: 5.4%
GEM: 2.9%
ONE: 2.5%
ELEVEN: 4.9%
SBS TWO: 0.7%

Ppl 25-54:
ABC2: 2.2%
ABC3: 0.3%
ABC News 24: 0.6%
7TWO: 2.7%
7MATE: 4.3%
GO!: 5.0%
GEM: 2.8%
ONE: 2.4%
ELEVEN: 4.3%
SBS TWO: 0.7%

GB (Grocery Buyers):
ABC2: 1.7%
ABC3: 0.2%
ABC News 24: 0.7%
7TWO: 5.4%
7MATE!: 2.7%
GO!: 3.1%
GEM: 3.0%
ONE: 1.6%
ELEVEN: 2.9%
SBS TWO: 0.8%

GB + Child:
ABC2: 2.6%
ABC3: 0.5%
ABC News 24: 0.6%
7TWO: 2.6%
7MATE: 3.4%
GO!: 4.6%
GEM: 2.8%
ONE: 1.9%
ELEVEN: 4.3%
SBS TWO: 0.7%

Wks 7-32, 2011
06/02/2011 – 06/08/2011;
18:00:00 – 23:59:59 Complete Time Band Split;
5 City Metro;
CSHR % (*) [ FTA SHR (All Networks)];
Consolidated; (Live + As Live + TSV) for Wks 7-32, 2011 (to Mon in Wk 32)
Overnight (Live + As Live) for Wk 32, 2011 (from Tue)

This means that GO! is certainly leading in key demos, but not in Total People which belongs to 7TWO, nor in Grocery Buyers.

Nevertheless there are some tempting titles on GO! that have helped give it a point of difference including Survivor, Fringe, The Vampire Diaries, Community, Spartacus, The Inbetweeners, V, Nikita, and Wipeout.

As it embarks on its third year programming unique content, rather than repeat overloads, is what will continue to attract viewers.

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  1. I’m just curious (and maybe I just suck at maths 🙂 ) but how does Nine omitting ABC/SBS (whose channels rate lower than GO) skew the data in GO’s favour? Or, how does including those channels then see 7TWO take the lead in certain criteria? 7TWO and GO would still be the same in relation to each other whether ABC/SBS are included or not? Puzzled.

    But despite their claims of success, GO needs to be more than just TBBT and movies which seems to be their usual fallback… although there is a place for those things but on GO those things seem to dominate every place or gap that appears in the schedule! And they need to present a more stable line-up in prime-time. On some occasions the program changes are made so erratically and at the last minute that not even the EPG can keep up.

    But on a positive note, applause to GO for at least maintaining a steady run of daytime shows. It has been nice to catch up with classics like Lucy and Bewitched. Another suggestion… how about some Aussie classics and I don’t mean dust gatherers like The Bob Morrisson Show or Keynotes with Richard Wilkins. Although on 2nd thoughts maybe they could do a regular night of Aussie shockers… Taurus Rising, Starting Out, Possession, Waterloo Station, Paradise Beach, Family And Friends, Chances… etc… 🙂

  2. And imagine what those numbers could be if GO! could get some decent programmers- and have a reliable and secure schedule that doesn’t flop its shows around at random- or randomly replace them with a screening of a over-repeated movie.

  3. Perhaps my statistics aren’t up to scratch, but how is it possible for GO! to have the largest share of total people amongst the commercial multichannels, yet when the other channels are added in, 7TWO has a larger share? Ditto for grocery buyers. Considering extra multichannels cannot change the proportionate number of viewers between the 2 channels. I’d love to know how GO! calculated this.

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