Sydney Harbour “under attack” from ‘Mockbuster’ movies

Sydney Harbour Bridge destroyed… a giant octopus attacking the Opera House…?

It’s all fun and games until somebody loses an eye.

And it’s all part of a cheeky B-grade promo from the Universal Channel for their premiere sci-fi movies coming to Friday nights.

The films, branded as a “Mockbuster Event” even includes blast-from-the-past actors such as Barry Bostwick, Debbie Gibson and Tiffany. Yikes.

Ros Jones, Channel Director Australasia said, “An exclusive deal with US SyFy Network created an opportunity for us to take the sci-fi action genre to a whole new level.

“Our promo team took over Sydney’s Circular Quay early one morning and with amazing special effects added have a local monster stampede heading our way. Time for the unusual at Universal and this definitely fits the brief.”

Friday 9 8:30pm – 2010: Moby Dick
Friday 16 8:30pm – Battle of Los Angeles
Friday 23 8:30pm – Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus
Friday 30 8:30pm – Mega Python vs. Gatoroid

The films are also replayed 10am on Saturday mornings.

Coming soon:
Metal Tornado
Sinbad & The Minotaur
Almighty Thor
& many more



  1. ..and see Hamish and Andy visit Asylum Films tonight on their “Gap Year Show”, 8.30pm on Nine, 8/9/11 and pitch some ideas for films only marginaly worse than the ones actually made!

  2. # PT Ryan. i dont know what was worse, Megapiranha or its bigger budget hollywood version Piranha. i guess the big budget 1 had a better plot.. and didnt have someone get killed in 1 scene only to be alive in the next… lol.

  3. ive seen a few of these terrible b-grade movies… my brother and i absolutley love watching a movie with a scetchy plot that is more predictable then sunday coming after saturday. the acting is weak at best. the “digital affects” look like something a 5th grader would do using there home computer… but some how i keep watching more and more of them. the Universal channel is great for shitty movies that will have you asking “didnt she die?” movies were the monster is as big a house in 1 scene and then as big as a car in the next, and before you can critise that its back to being the size of a house….. wether its a disaster movie about the world ending or a massive earth quake or some mutant or extinct come back to life monster you can guarantee a few laughs and a few sighs of “i saw that coming” all in all these movies are not worthing staying up till the early hours watching… mainly because when you wake up you would have already forgotten it. friday nights at my house… b-grade movie night. and you cant spell b-grade with out b-a-d.

  4. @Craig: Eleven appears to have some themed nights, though it’s not made obvious. Monday seems to be a supernatural theme
    Tuesday nights seems to be comedy
    Wednesday is animation
    Thursday is sci-fi
    Friday seems to be a “girlie” night

  5. So I guess the theme nights didn’t work on GO!

    I know the reason (in the US) for the name change is SyFy wants a broader range of shows which I don’t agree with. that said while I don’t see they need a name change in a way it’s good they stuck with the original on here.

  6. Wasn’t GO! going to have a scifi night? Maybe the digital channels should have theme nights, comedy, scifi, drama, local AU classics etc but I’m sure Nine would stuff it up some how.

    Thanks go for SciFi.

    BTW any news if the local channel is planing to go SyFy?

  7. Ah, The Asylum, makers of such quality titles as Transmorphers (and it’s sequel, Transmorphers: Fall of Man), Sunday School Musical, The 18 Year Old Virgin, The Da Vinci Treasure, Alien Vs Hunter, Death Racers, Sherlock Holmes (starring Ianto from Torchwood!), Titanic II, Battle of Los Angeles, and so on…

    They claim to have never lost money on a film. Not hard when they’re all made for $1.50 each… Megapiranha was a total cack, though. In addition to Being total cack, natch.

  8. If only they were on FTA. I’d like to watch Moby Dick, the “Mega” movies and Sinbad. Not to mention some of the recent “classics” like Locusts and Vampire Bats.

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