At the Movies: 25 Years Of Margaret & David

Cate Blanchett & Geoffrey Rush will host an At the Movies special in front of a live studio audience to celebrate Margaret and David's 25 years on TV.

Next week ABC1 celebrates 25 years of beloved movie critics Margaret Pomeranz and David Stratton from At the Movies.

Of course before joining ABC1, they fronted The Movie Show on SBS from 1986 until 2004.

This special sounds like loads of fun. Hope it’s filmed with a tripod…

International stars Cate Blanchett and Geoffrey Rush will host a very special episode of At the Movies in front of a live studio audience of invited guests to celebrate Margaret and David’s 25 years together on television.

Along with Blanchett and Rush introducing a short retrospective video package looking back at Margaret and David’s 25 years on TV, the show will also be peppered by messages of congratulations and good wishes from various luminaries in the international film community.

Margaret and David will talk about their love of film, and taking this opportunity to celebrate Australian cinema, will look back at some classic Australian films.

A montage of Australian films will see Margaret and David reflect on the Australian film industry as we view some great Australian cinema moments.

Blanchett and Rush will then introduce a best of David and Margaret interview package – featuring some of their best interview grabs, which will include a range of Australian and international artists.

And then, taking over Margaret and David’s chairs, Blanchett and Rush give us a tongue-in-cheek review of Margaret and David’s performance over the years, and throw to a video package of their outtakes and bloopers.

10pm Wednesday October 26 ABC1

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  1. Did they manage to get lots of footage from their SBS days? Hope so!

    There’s some clips floating around of them reviewing various movies on SBS’s film website, but only the ones they reviewed before 2004 (of course). Look out for their *crazy* Hey Hey It’s Saturday-style studio set in their final years at SBS.

  2. I just really wish ABC would give them a better time slot. 10pm? Really? I know it’s repeated on ABC2 on Sundays and the Vodcasts are available but come on ABC. This is a pretty big part of Aus TV history happening here, and we get 10pm….

  3. Blanchett and Rush are the perfect choices for this.

    @Dev – I think you mean knowledgeable and well-informed. Just because they don’t throw their own poo at the wall doesn’t make them upmarket or highbrow.

  4. @ Dev : You have never watched the show yet you took the time to comment on the article…..why?
    And there is now way they are highbrow….sometimes they surprise me with the films they like….just this week David gave “The Thing” 3-and-a-half stars!

  5. 25 years for David and Margaret? Wow, that’s a long time. Congrats to them for lasting this long. They’ve done a great job in this time.

    Dev – you have ”never” watched the show, yet you know that they are too upmarket and highbrow for you? Strange!

  6. It’s amazing that they’ve been passionately reviewing and presenting movies for a quarter of a century, especially in an industry that often chews people up and spits them out. This special sounds fun and it’s a coup getting Blanchett and Rush to play along.

    Dev – You sound very proud of yourself for being totally ignorant of their work. It’s your loss.

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