Josh Schwartz to remake Misfits for US

Josh Schwartz's production company has finalised a deal to adapt Misfits for the US, with creator Howard Overman.

It was hinted at some time ago but now the US is set to remake UK sci-fi series Misfits.

NY Mag reports Josh Schwartz’s (Chuck, Gossip Girl, The OC) production company has just finalised a deal for the rights to the show, and will team up with creator Howard Overman.

It was Overman himself who last November said there had been a lot of interest in the show but it was something he couldn’t talk about.

The prospects look good for the show given Hulu began streaming the first season, regularly ranking among the site’s most-streamed series. Variety estimates it had more than 9 million views to date.

So far there is no network attached to the project.

NY Mag writes, “Schwartz and Overman are foregoing the traditional development process, in which a network buys a pitch from a scribe and later decides whether or not to film a pilot. Instead, the two have opted to write the new Misfits on spec. This means that, schedules permitting, they’ll write a pilot in the next few months and then shop the finished product to networks late this year or early in 2012.”

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  1. I am fearing this idea. Misfits is a brilliant piece of UK television that probably won’t translate well to the States. Heck, I’m not even sure the 3rd series about to air in the UK is even going to cut it without standout Nathan.

  2. Another disaster in the making. Just 10 days now till the third series airs in the UK – though it’ll be interesting to see how it fairs without Robert Sheehan who was easily the breakout star of the first two.

  3. Ok Misfits is absolutely brilliant. But why the hell can’t Americans just watch the original shows?. Are they that stupid they really need to remake it for America just so they’ll watch (mostly they don’t though).
    I actually prefer the US The Office, strange cos i’m a massive Ricky Gervais fan, the US shameless isn’t bad, but most of the time they’r just pointless. Can’t think of an original idea so they just remake an overseas show, or an old show.

  4. Why can’t we just leave it as it is and broadcast it here in America. Maybe if the make new characters it won’t be so bad but the best thing about Misfits is the characters not the situation. I just see too many pretty white people with this new deal.

  5. I don’t understand why the US feels the need to remake everything. To me this seems like less of a compliment to the creators and more of an insult. They’re basically saying the show wouldn’t work in America so they need to add American themes to make it better. Like almost all of the US’ other remakes I don’t see it lasting more than a season.

  6. I absolutely love this show and just can’t see the biting humour, violence and bleakness of the show being transferred to an American sensibility … sometimes things are better left as ideas, not realities.

  7. Maybe if they create an entirely new cast of characters who were somehow effected by a similar storm as the UK “misfits” it could be watchable, but not if they use the exact same characters and the exact same storylines, but with American actors and American “editing”.

    Or maybe a spin-off set in Las Vegas with Nathan as the lead? If they were paying enlough, the actor would probably jump at the chance.

  8. This will be horrible.

    I love the original series to pieces but a US remake will be even worse than what they did to Skins. They’ll probably rehash the same plots (Nathan trying to figure out he’s immortal, etc) but watered down for the American market.

    Josh Schwartz should stick to rubbish like Chuck and bury this “remake” before it happens

  9. I am not against this, unless they are wanting to get it on a commercial network.

    I just don’t think i’d work if it wasn’t shorter seasons with the freedom premium cable networks can offer.

    The reason it worked was because it wasn’t like heroes ect.

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