Terra Nova, Wild Boys, The Slap replays

In case you missed them there are replays of Sunday night shows coming up this Friday night. And two from Thursday night too.

TEN repeats Terra Nova at 9:30pm.

ABC2 repeats The Slap at 9:20pm, Crownies at 10:15pm (that will make PVR choices easier tomorrow).

Seven repeats Wild Boys at 11:45pm.


  1. Thank you. Went searching for the Terra Nova replay on Monday with no luck – just lots of TBAs from 10. Without your programming updates I’d have missed it again. Cheers.

  2. Thanks David I am all over this one. Do they merge Crownies figures at end of week, or are the two eps still separate? Also if news worthy, let us know if you can of timeshift results! Thanks.

  3. Good that ABC is replaying The Slap and Crownies on Friday, just remember to set it for ABC2 and not the main channel…

    As for the others, I wish 7 & 10 could replay them on their HD channels.

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