Bumped: CSI

After next Wednesday's episode, CSI will move back to its traditional timeslot of 8:30pm Sunday.

After next Wednesday’s episode, CSI will move back to its traditional timeslot of 8:30pm Sunday.

It will take the place of Underbelly: Razor which has its finale this Sunday night.

In its place on Wednesday November 16 is Frozen Planet, which means it will air two episodes in the week of November 13.

The BBC has given Nine permission to screen episodes ahead of the UK premiere.

It will be followed by Prime Suspect at 9:30pm.

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  1. David, an update on this is that Frozen Planet will air this week on Wednesday at 8.30pm (saw the promo at the end of last night episode). So CSI will have been off air for 2 Wednesday’s in a row and will return next Sunday

  2. CSI , Cant stand It , agreed Ted Danson just doesnt suit the role , even Laurence Fishburne was better in it.But like all tv shows once the main character goes which was Will Peterson aka Gil Grissom its all down hill from there.Take it out to the Nevada Desert and bury it once and for all.

  3. I would have thought the traditional night for CSI was Tuesday, which is where it first aired for years but it’s been in so may timeslots that there really hasn’t been any tradition at all.

  4. That’s awfully nice of 9 to share these latest programming changes with us… of course, it is Friday.

    But I’m getting giddy on the “Still Trying To Be The One” 9 Merry-Go-Round.

    A question remains – CSI’s Wed viewers were dropping off faster than Gillard supporters – why throw it into the Sunday night ring – where it was failing badly in the past ???

  5. I think this has changed already. I’m sure I saw a Frozen Planet promo on 9 tonight that said ‘Sunday 6.30 – continues Wednesday 8.30’. I could, however be seeing things…

  6. Airing Frozen Planet twice a week is a bad move IMO, many people might not be able to watch both nights and as some have bought up they could think one night is an encore and not bother tuning in. It just makes it really hard to follow a weekly series.

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