Margaret & David awarded “Living Legends” at IF Awards

At the Movies hosts Margaret Pomeranz and David Stratton were last night named joint “Living Legends” at the IF Awards in Sydney.

Hot on the heels of their TV special marking 25 years of reviewing films together, they were presented with their accolade by Jan Chapman (The Piano) and Stephan Elliott (Priscilla: Queen of the Desert).

Hit film Red Dog dominated the night with seven awards on the night including Best Feature Film, Best Script, Best Box Office Achievement, Best Cinematography, Best Music, Best Direction and Best Actor. Oranges and Sunshine won Best Production Design and Best Actress.

In the two TV awards handed out, Underbelly: Razor‘s Anna McGaham won the Out of the Box IF Award as the candidate most likely to transition from TV to Film and Indigenous director Rachel Perkins (First Australians, Bran Nue Dae) won the Award for Contribution to Television.

Perkins is a surprise announcement for the award, beating out a strong field of contenders including Peter Andrikidis, Mikael Borglund, Ewan Burnett, Michael Cordell, John Holmes, Claudia Karvan, Des Monaghan, David Mott and Roger Simpson.

Hosted by Eddie Perfect, the evening attracted a string of industry names including Ronan Keating, David Wenham, Daniel MacPherson, Zoe Ventoura, Richard Roxburgh, Callan McAuliffe, Ryan Corr, Don Hany, Justine Clarke, Dan Wyllie, Sophie Lowe, Sigrid Thornton, Michael Dorman, Gillian Armstrong, Rodger Corser, Stephen Curry, Lincoln Lewis, Jessica Tovey, Todd Lasance, Luke Hemsworth, Peter O’Brien, Julia Morris, Didier Cohen, Max Markson, Rob Carlton, Kestie Morassi, Dan Ewing, Susie Porter, Catherine McClements, Blake Davis, Dieter Brummer, Michael Rymer, Ben Oxenbould, Angus McLaren, Martin Sacks, Aden Young, and Tara Morice.

The IF Awards will be broadcast at 10pm Wednesday 23rd November on SBS ONE and
4:55pm Sunday 27th November on Showcase.


  1. Secret Squïrrel

    A big tick for Margaret and David but Rachel Perkins? Hmmm….

    I thought that David Mott might have got the Award for Contribution to Television since he almost single-handedly helped a once-great network (Nine) to maintain its position at number two, despite Nine’s programmers doing their level best to p!ss off as many people as possible.

  2. I admire Rachel Perkins work. How her ‘contribution to television’ could be greater than that of John Holmes – or indeed any of the other nominees – is bizarre. And 10 nominees? One nominee was insulted by the notion that any of the nominees would have to compete with any of the others. I can’t imagine how furious they were last night, now!
    I don’t attend the IF Awards anymore for just this reason. I have seen far too many bizarre awards handed out.

  3. “Surprise announcement” doesn’t even begin to describe it. I’m sorry, but (whatever her other achievements may be), Rachel Perkins winning her award for Contribution to Television over any of the other nominees was political correctness of the most absurd kind. She has done virtually nothing for television at all, whereas all the other nominees have contributed to a greater and lesser degree over many years. Epic fail IFAs.

    • The IF Awards has tried to hitch a ride on TV because TV delivers more attention. But the first award is a bizarre accolade for something that hasn’t actually happened and reeks of the notion that Film is somehow better than TV. The second won’t be treated with any respect if all they are going to do is reward independent filmmakers. As good as First Australians was, most of those other candidates work every day of the year in the Television industry. Does. Not. Make. Sense.

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