Airdate: Luke Gamble’s Vet Adventures

SBS screens a 10-part documentary series following Dorset vet Luke Gamble as he travels the world treating animals.

Visiting countries as diverse as India, Grenada, Malawi, Mexico and Thailand, Luke Gamble’s Vet Adventures treating a range of animals from dogs, cats and horses through to buffaloes, leopards, chimpanzees and elephants.

Luke travels deep into remote India where he battles to save a cow that has ingested over 14kg of plastic and resorts to a heroic operation to try to save its life. Visiting a shelter that is overwhelmed with abandoned and disabled animals, he faces a difficult ethical dilemma as to how best help a two-legged dog in a place where life is sacred and his options are limited.

Luke also rescues a donkey after receiving an emergency call from a visiting tourist to the area, but without any normal means of transporting the animal to sanctuary for treatment, he has to resort to pushing the functionality of an Indian tuk-tuk to the limit.

7:30pm Wednesday, 11 January


  1. I watched it last year on Animal Planet, it is a thoroughly enjoyable series.

    Luke is a peach, it’s a joy to watch him helping all creatures great and small in a variety of interesting locales. His charity does excellent work in some difficult locations.

    I’m glad the show will get wider exposure.

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