Airdate: Mornings

Nine’s new morning show with Sonia Kruger and David Campbell begins at 9am Monday February 6th.

It airs for two hours each weekday.

There is also a one hour edition set for Saturday February 11, and at this stage it isn’t noted as a Repeat.

Join hosts Sonia Kruger and David Campbell for Nines new daytime talk show, Mornings. An exciting mix of topical issues, the best celebrity interviews, cooking with Australias top chefs, Live music performances, the latest in fashion and beauty trends as well as moving real life stories  ordinary people doing extraordinary things.


  1. whats wrong with ben fordham and allison langdon as hosts great team, they were fantastic hosting today during summer .another no brainer from nine .

  2. I have a completely unique and original idea for a show. Two irritatingly nice people chat on a couch with B-List Hollywood has-beens who are passing through Australia promoting some lame movie about animated toys lost in New York. It will be periodically interrupted by bad actors pretending to be excited about exercise equipment that promises the impossible.

    I’ll call it “Is It Lunch Time Yet?”

  3. Nine copying other channels yet again, they don’t have any ideas of their own, they are trying anything to get ratings but come un-stuck 90% of the time, they really are going to the dogs. Used to be an ardent fan of nine, but don’t have any time for them these days especially with all the repeats they put on as well, night after night, they milk a series to death because they don’t have anything else to put on

  4. Sorry Channel 9 but you have lost me. Not into these two upstarts, bring back Kerri Anne and make it more like Bert’s GMA used to be in its early days, more topical and less celebrity fanfare and maybe then I will watch.

  5. dont think David Campbell will be doing much on this show that often – just have alook at all his touring dates around the country as a singer and you wonder how he be able to get back from these regional places in time for a 9 am show.

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