Geordie Shore stars down under

Reality MTV faces James and Sophie from UK series Geordie Shore are set to visit Australia in early February.

The series is the UK’s very own answer to Jersey Shore, and the cast included ‘spice-boy’ James and self-confessed blinged up ladette Sophie.

From Monday February 6, their visit includes a press tour in Melbourne and a screening in Sydney, plus a one-off Geordie Shore special on the Gold Coast.

A good-time guy, James describes himself as funny, cheeky, vain and handsome. He sees himself as a well-dressed lad-about-town who’s got good banter with the ladies. He doesn’t want to be tied down to a relationship. If he did have a girlfriend he thinks she would get too jealous of all the attention he receives!

A girl who just wants to have fun, anything goes on a night out with Sophie. Confident, bubbly, loud-mouthed and super-sociable, don’t be surprised to find her at a club flashing her boobs or dancing on tables.

Geordie Shore Season 2 premieres on MTV Australia, Tuesday 7 February at 8:30pm MTV.


  1. This would have to be the worst show I have ever watched! yet its so addictive. If you think Jersey Shore is bad just wait till you’ve seen this.

    The whole show is just guys wanting to bang and girls being sluts, just looking at them I think “they can’t be serious?” being in a room with them would be my worst nightmare!

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