Young Talent Time nods to the past

Spoilers: The rebooted Young Talent Time, filmed on Saturday at FOX Studios, will begin by re-introducing the nostalgic show to a new audience.

There are no contestants in the first episode, as the show looks back on its long history and presents the new YTT Team. Four contestants will compete in the show from the second week.

“It was a bit of a look back, a bit of a celebration and an introduction of the Team,” an insider tells TV Tonight.

“The mood in there was absolutely fantastic and the crew were beside themselves.

“There’s just so much good-will. There are people who are genuinely excited to be working on it because they grew up with it.”

The arena-style set is filled with LED screens that will serve as backdrops for musical numbers, and save on the expense of building theme sets as the original show did.

Host Rob Mills features in a cleverly-devised flashback scene with original host and creator Johnny Young.

“He looks good, he’s very self-deprecating and very friendly,” said the source.

YTT includes a live band under Musical Director John Foreman, with live singing.

Judge Tina Arena performs in the first show and reflects on the importance of nurturing talent. US choreographer and Judge Chucky Kaplow was bursting with excitement.

The first show includes a music video featuring the new YTT team which will be available for download.

A group of original YTT members appear at the end of the show including Karen Knowles, Jamie Redfern, John Bowles, Steven Zammit, Nicole Cooper, Lorena Novoa.

Vox pop videos include Barry Gibb, Todd Woodbridge and Craig MacLachlan.

Keep your eyes peeled for a clip of a current Channel TEN star appearing on the original series at the age of 9.

And of course, there was the signature song, “All My Loving.”

The new YTT Team are:

Georgia-May Davis (aged 16, Sydney)
Adrien Nookadu (aged 15, Sydney)
Lyndall Wennekes (aged 15, Sydney)
Tia Gigliotti (aged 15, Sydney)
Tyler Wilford (aged 14, Melbourne)
Sean Emmett (aged 14, Sydney)
Serena Suen (aged 13, Sydney)
Michelle Mutyora (aged 13, Sydney)
Nicholas Di Cecco (aged 12, Sydney)
Aydan Calafiore (aged 11, Melbourne)

“The kids are really talented, but they’re not American polished, plastic kids. So they got it right.”

Young Talent Time premieres 6:30pm Sunday on TEN.


  1. You have poached a great Melbourne TV Show. Typical of Sydney, and the most Sydney-centric network on Australian TV. I will never watch, no matter how good. (Channel 10 should give up its Melbourne licence).

  2. I wish all the kids the best and hope they achieve what they want from the show but as a viewer I’m not remotely interested. I’m a little sick of variety/talent shows and the autotuned advertisements are a turn off for me.

    It will be interesting to see how well the show is received. I’m definitely looking forward to shows like homeland and new girl though.

  3. I think this will do great for TEN .. for a Sunday at least. Remember Australia has been loving these talent/variety shows as of late. Keeping in mind as well… Johnny Young has the integrity to walk away if he didn’t feel it was keeping in the same spirit as the original..

    R.E the Sydney/Melbourne overload.. truth is talented people in the arts, whether they be young or old, eventually relocate to either Syd or Melb anyway so what’s the difference?

  4. Oztvheritage(YouTube channel)

    Certainly looking forward to it. Think it will do well in the first few weeks but viewers will get bored with the same faces and same set and only a limited competition. But hope it does well. Because ten need it!!!

  5. Remember guys the original show was done out of Melbourne with mostly Melbourne based youngsters (correct me if I’m wrong). I know our nation has changed since the 70s & 80s but this isn’t Aus Idol or AGT, there’s nothing that says there has to be a representative from every corner of Australia.

  6. How is it any different than the kids you all grovel over on XF and AGT? Just shut up and watch one flipping ep before all your doom and gloom comments. Geez.

  7. What happened to Brisvegas, Perth and the City of churches. Did they just seem to have no talent. I mean Sydneysiders and Melbournians can’t hog the limelight.

  8. I was thinking the same thing about it only being from Sydney or Melbourne. I think Rob Mills said that one of the kids families relocated to Sydney from Melbourne.

    Still I’ll give it a go. I don’t remember the old one very well.

  9. I don’t think this will save Ten. In fact i predict it to bomb. Maybe not the very first episode, but it will. Even Adelaide Now has a poll asking people which shows they’ll be watching. And it ain’t looking good for YTT. It’s only beating Excess Baggage in the poll.

  10. @Mike Nicholson
    Maybe young talent from outside Sydney and Melbourne were not willing to permanently relocate to Sydney or maybe they weren’t good enough.

  11. will this be like other revvals

    a country practice
    hey hey
    kingswood country (bullpitt)
    its a knockout
    and i am sure that there is more that i have forgotten
    and flop i think so

  12. Mike Nicholson

    I didn’t realise that the only young talent in this country were located exclusively in Sydney and Melbourne. Fascinating stuff.

    (Obviously I realise contestants will be from around Australia, but it’s a shame the producers didn’t see fit to use any other cities for the in house team.)

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