Gruen “surprise” in 2012

The Gruen Transfer? Gruen Planet? Another Gruen altogether?

Either way, there will be more from Wil Anderson and co. in 2012.

When Gruen Planet ended last year it wasn’t clear whether the show would be returning.

But while it’s return is assured, it’s still a guessing game as to what format it would take.

“We have a surprise for Gruen,” ABC1 Channel Controller Brendan Dahill recently told TV Tonight.

“There will be a special version of Gruen this year.”

Dahill reminds us that Gruen Nation was very successful in 2010, as it looked at the Federal Election.

Could we be getting Gruen Games in this Olympics year?

A source at Zapruder’s Other Films wouldn’t be drawn on the question, with their focus firmly set on new Denton show Randling currently filming for ABC1.

A decision on just which Gruen we’re getting is, apparently, yet to be decided.


  1. Perhaps Gruen US Nation for the US Election – if that space isn’t considered already occupied by Planet America – PA is shaping up quite nicely btw.

  2. I actually started to prefer Gruen Planet over Transfer although if they could somehow do an hour long hybrid of the 2 .. that would be great..

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