Seven wins political bunfight

Updated: Seven edged ahead of Nine in the Live coverage of the Labor Leadership vote, and the network takes another nightly win.

Yesterday’s coverage of the Labor Leadership Vote was a fight to the end, for marathon broadcasts as well as Gillard and Rudd.

Sunrise won the morning TV battle with 386,000 viewers from 7-9am. Today was close behind on 380,000 with wins in Sydney and Melbourne.

ABC News Breakfast on two channels until 9am pulled 69,000 / 28,000. TEN’s Breakfast was 51,000 for 7-9am.

From 9am Sunrise Extended led with 290,000 over Today: Special on 227,000. ABC News 24 averaged 155,00 for its Live coverage post 9am. TEN’s Breakfast was 60,000 for its extended portion (9am-12pm).

In primetime it was another win to Seven led by My Kitchen Rules (1.84m), Revenge (1.8m), Seven News (1.25m), Today Tonight (1.05m), Home and Away (1.03m), How I Met Your Mother (863,000 / 614,000). Sports Fever on 7mate was 42,000 and 81,000 on Seven.

The Big Bang Theory did well for Nine on 1.34m (repeats 1.04m / 981,000) then Nine News (1.13m), ACA (1.04m), Alcatraz (767,000), Person of Interest (505,000 / 388,000). The Academy Awards live was 382,000 plus 271,000 in repeat on GO!

The Biggest Loser weighed in with a healthy 945,000 -its best all season. It was followed by TEN News (687,000), Bondi Rescue (555,000), NCIS: LA (504,000), The Project (501,000). Hawaii Five-0 (429,000) was below The Bold and the Beautiful (455,000).

ABC News (1.07m) won its timeslot for ABC1. Next were 7:30 (742,000), Q & A (706,000), Australian Story (634,000), Media Watch (630,000) and Four Corners (584,000).

James May’s Man Labs (209,000) led SBS ONE, then World News Australia (174,000), Mythbusters (149,000) and Danger 5 (140,000).

Heartbeat topped multichannels on 327,000.

Monday 27 February 2012

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  1. so basically this season of bondi rescue is going to fail becasue Ten insist it be on mondays and not tuesdays where bondi vet is! When bondi vet went before new ncis and then new ncis l.a Ten did really well! And when bondi vet was on thursdays 8pm it also did really well so why the hell dont they switch them back!!! Sooo annoying.

  2. If Nine’s programmer had given Person of Interest more than 5 minutes to establish a loyal following, and not stuffed it around early on, it would prob be doing a lot better than it is. PoI at ~8:40 with Alcatraz at ~9:40 would have worked well.

    Until they start operating under these basic principles, they are not going to get close to matching Seven.

  3. @Kenny, snap!! I said exactly the same thing last night after Hugh said that as 62 votes would have been more than ample to give K-Rudd the Prime Ministership. Hugh’s multiplication skills leave a lot to be desired.

  4. Any numbers for excess baggage?

    I was half way through Mythbusters last night before I realized it was a re-run form 2 season ago, why? SBS still has several new ones on the shelf why run an old one? If they are going to do that at least run the ones I missed from last season 😆

    Still good numbers for TBBT but Alcatraz is loosing viewers while Revenge got another 1.8 million viewers. Given the numbers on FOX in the US Alcatraz might not be around once it’s 13 eps are up, and I won’t be surprised if Nine shuffles it to a later time slot before too long.

  5. Memo to Hugh Riminton. On TEN News stated “Kevin Rudd could have scored double the number he did and still have lost”. Maths lesson Hugh. There were 102 voters. If KR had scored 2×31 (62) then he would have won, as JG would have scored only 40.

  6. I have to say I actually preferred the commentary of TEN Breakfast. I like the casual conversation on the show and less sport talk.

    Sunrise I just can not stand and the Today show cutting back and forth to Lisa on the red carpet seemed so strange considering what was going on with the leadership.

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