Airdate: Finding Sarah

Sarah Feguson’s observational series sounds like a shot at redemption after her much-publicised scandal accepting money for tabloid stories.

The synopsis even says she is on “a path to self-enlightenment” (presumably a paid path….)

Finding Sarah will air on the Style channel if you’re keen.

Following years of much-publicised troubles and a long-time rocky relationship with the British press, Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York is embarking on an emotional journey to rebuild her life and heal old wounds. “Finding Sarah” is a candid and unprecedented six-part docu-series that takes the Duchess on a path to self-enlightenment, travelling the globe meeting with some of the world’s leading mind, body and soul specialists. Don’t miss the première of “Finding Sarah” on Friday, April 6th at 8:30pm only on Style.

During her remarkable journey, she seeks guidance from traditional and non-traditional experts – a shaman, life coach, trainer and a horse whisperer – along with Oprah’s “All Stars”, Dr. Phil and financial expert, Suze Orman. Together they help the Duchess tackle some tough personal issues, ranging from her low self-esteem, physical fitness and her well-documented struggles with her finances. Calling upon her inner-strength and resilience, the Duchess comes to terms with past missteps, confronts major life changes and even attempts an unforgettable physical challenge in the Arctic.

Sarah has a long list of credentials – she is a former U.S. Spokesperson for Wight Watchers, an accomplished children’s author, film producer, in-demand motivational speaker and a dedicated philanthropist. In 1993, she founded “Children in Crisis”, an organisation dedicated to providing aid and education to forgotten children around the world.

The Duchess hopes that as she embarks on this journey to find her true self, viewers will learn about the real “Sarah”, and be inspired by her attempts to improve her life.

April 6th 2012 at 8:30pm on Style.

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