Returning: Grand Designs Australia

A new season of Grand Designs Australia is just over a month away on LifeStyle.

With a shooting period of over 12 months, it tells the stories of new homes and the Aussies who are building them. Based on the award-winning UK series, Grand Designs Australia is the first international format of the critically acclaimed show.

“The LifeStyle Channel has been premiering this series since 2005 and it is consistently one of the channel’s most watched shows. The first series of Grand Designs Australia was an outstanding success and we’re thrilled to be bringing our viewers more of this wonderful series of gutsy Australians building their dream homes in a uniquely Aussie way,” said Nicole Sheffield, General Manager of the LifeStyle Channels.

“We have been following the incredibly ambitious and emotional journeys of our self-builders for over a year now to bring their inspirational stories to life. In fact, I’m delighted to announce that we have been filming series two and three at the same time so we will have a third series of Grand Designs Australia ready for later this year.”

Grand Designs Australia charts the in-depth process of elaborate design projects undertaken by self-builders – from the initial details of blueprints, to the long and often arduous task of turning the designs into a practical living space.

No design is too ambitious when it comes to creating your dream home. But discovering the hard realities that complicate your plans can often be too much to bear. From a sleek, modernist, 60’s inspired family home on a half acre block; to a do-it-yourself builder, armed with an eccentric, industrial design, a minimal budget and a cowboy attitude; and a cutting edge flat pack house on a rugged escarpment; Grand Designs Australia follows not only the growth of these unique homes, but the personal journeys of those building them.

Leading Australian architect Peter Maddison hosts the series. With over 25 years experience, his projects include a huge range of award-winning residential and commercial work. Peter has an in depth understanding of Australian architecture and our climate, culture and history.

“I am really enjoying hosting Grand Designs Australia,” said Peter Maddison. “As a practising architect I am fascinated by what I have witnessed travelling around Australia filming a rich and diverse range of Australian homeowners. Some are building their dream-home, some are living a nightmare. But every one of them has a unique story and drama.”

FremantleMedia Australia is producing the ten-part series for The LifeStyle Channel.

Thursdays at 8.30pm from April 5 on The LifeStyle Channel.

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