Airdate: Smugglers

Next week Seven premieres UK factual series Smugglers, which looks at organised crime on the UK docks and across British borders.

It airs at 9:40pm Wednesday July 4th, following a single episode of Mrs. Brown’s Boys.

Working for the ‘Smuggler Squad’ is a high-octane, demanding job. This thrilling fly-on-the-wall series tracks the officers as they try to stem the tide of illegal goods and people across the border. Tasked with apprehending suspect craft, they patrol the country’s serpentine coast and numerous small islands in state-of-the-art power boats, 24 hours a day. Tonight, officers uncover a man smuggling five kilos of cocaine and a hand weapon, plus deal with trying to intercept the millions of undetected cigarettes that are smuggled duty-free each year.

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