Airdate: True Hollywood Story: Joan and Melissa Rivers

E!’s True Hollywood Story takes a look at lives of showbiz mother and daughter Joan and Melissa Rivers.

Beneath the wisecracks and constant one-liners lies a touching story of a sassy comedian and her producing partner and beloved daughter.

Giving first-hand accounts of their lives, Joan and Melissa Rivers sat down with E! to tell their fascinating story – from Joan’s early beginnings, when she defied her family to pursue her dreams of entertainment, to the heartbreaking suicide of Joan’s husband and Melissa’s father to their fabulously successful lives today.

Don’t miss one hilarious minute when The E! True Hollywood Story: Joan and Melissa Rivers premieres on Sunday, June 24th at 8:30pm AEST only on E!

Highlights from E! True Hollywood Story: Joan & Melissa Rivers

Joan on her decision to join “the biz”
“We [Joan and her parents] had terrible fights about me wanting to be in the business. I ran out and I drove to New York. I parked in front of the YMCA and I slept in the car and I washed there for a week. I got an office temporary job during the day and when I got paid I moved into the YMCA.”

Joan on her first plastic surgery procedure
“I was so proud of it. ‘Look at my eyes! Look at what I did to my eyes,’ but people were shocked by it.”

Joan on the birth of her daughter, Melissa
“There was no question when Melissa was born. When she was put it my arms – that was it. She was my priority.”

Joan on her mother’s passing
“They said it was heart failure and I never got to make up with her…terrible, terrible, terrible. That is why to this day I will never have an argument with someone I care about without making up the same day.”

Melissa on her childhood
“My parents really wanted to create a normal and stable environment as best they could. We sat down for dinner every single night; that was the family rule.”

Melissa on the day she learned her father had taken his own life
“I felt this huge distance from everyone; I felt lost. Finally late that night I found my mum, she was sitting in our library and I remember lying across her lap sobbing.”

Sunday, June 24th 2012 at 8:30pm AEST on E!

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