Castle update

Seven has trimmed back its marathon finale for Dancing with the Stars, originally scheduled at 3 hours.

Now it will run 2.5hrs and end at 9pm.

That means Castle now starts at 9pm with “Headhunters” followed by a repeat “A Chill Goes Through Her Veins.”

Whether the move is designed to combat Nine’s drawcard forĀ The Voice isn’t clear.


  1. Headhunters is a particulary good episode, not that there have been too many bad Castle eps. As the pic shows it guest stars Adam Baldwin, whom stared with Nathan on Firefly.

  2. To be honest I’d rather they’d end Dancing with the Stars or start Castle at 9.30pm. Ugh.

    Looking at the TV Guide it looks like it clashes with all but three channels. One of them being the silly prime time schedule of ABC News 24 (which I like except that ) . Ironically looking at SBS and the 9.45pm end/start I kind of wish it was very late this time. Oh well. Thanks David for the heads up.

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