Domestic Blitz meets The Block

Former Domestic Blitz boys Jamie Durie and Scott Cam will reunite with the cast of The Block for a special on Sunday week, smack bang in the show’s former timeslot.

The special is part of Nine’s programming in between the end of The Block and the start of the Olympics, and also includes appearances from The Voice‘s Darren Percival plus Michael Slater and Julie Goodwin.

This year’s The Block 2012 couples are getting the chance to give something back.

It is Block meets Blitz when host Scott Cam is joined by Jamie Durie and the Block couples as they embark on a heart-warming Domestic Blitz special event, staging a much needed house and garden makeover in honour of an Australian community hero, the late Michael Wilson, who lost his life late last year, while doing his duty as a paramedic.

Michael Wilson’s widow Kellie and three children, Eliza, 15, Grace 12 and Hugo, 6, received the surprise of their lives when hosts Scott Cam and Jamie Durie announced that all four Block couples would be pitching in to give their home a makeover from top to bottom.

In a surprise twist, the Blockheads are taken out of their comfort zone.

After 11 weeks working as couples, they are separated and placed into new pairings and have only four days to transform the Wilson home.

Blockheads Sophie and Dani work together on the girls’ bedrooms, while Lara is paired with Andrew in the living/dining area.

Lara’s partner Brad teams up with Michael to complete Hugo’s bedroom and Dan is given the mammoth task of constructing a new kitchen. Dale, a landscaper by trade, is put to work in the back yard with his idol, Jamie Durie.

There are also special guest appearances by The Voice’s Darren Percival, cricket legend Michael Slater and much-loved chef Julie Goodwin.

Michael Wilson’s life was destined to be one dedicated to saving other people’s lives. He tragically lost his life in an operation on Christmas Eve 2011 at Carrington Tops south of Sydney attempting a helicopter rescue of two injured canyoners, when his winch line snapped.

In this one off heart-warming Domestic Blitz special, Scott, Jamie and the “Blockheads” give Mick’s widow Kellie and the three kids the biggest heartfelt surprise of their lives.

6:30pm Sunday July 8 on Nine.


  1. Been waiting all week for this! All my favourite shows are pretty much in the one show haha Gotta love Darren Percival and great to see Jamie Durie and Scotty Cam back together again too. Ok… off to have som din before it starts.

  2. I think they’re only calling it a one-off just in case it fails to rate enough to win the timeslot. If it does win the timeslot, we will be seeing more specials like this…maybe the return of either Backyard Blitz or Domestic Blitz.

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