KAK: “It’s my Morning Show.”

As part of their 5th anniversary celebrations The Morning Show today included a montage of celebs sending their love to Larry and Kylie, all reciting the words “It’s my Morning Show.”

In addition to Josh Lawson, Rove McManus, Megan Gale, Tim Rosso, Merrick Watts, George Hourvadas, Josh Horner, Tom Williams, Damien Leith, Brynne Edelsten, Ray Meagher and Shane Warne there is Kerri-Anne Kennerley telling us “It’s my Morning Show.”

Given it’s also the show that arguably helped kill off her own programme on Nine it’s a very generous statement.

It’s no secret that KAK is loved by The Morning Show team, including with her recent co-hosting of the show.

This week the Seven show is broadcasting live from LA.


  1. I think Rove’s TV bomb was the best this morning. He just stood behind them with this stupid grin and I was like “who is this?” until I looked closer and it was him and he just walked on the show and had a chat with them.

    It was brilliant and hilarious and appeared to be from Kylie and Larry’s point of view completely unexpected!

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