Sons of Anarchy update

Bad news for fans of Sons of Anarchy. ONE has pulled it from its schedule next week.

S3E3 “Caregiver” with guest Stephen King will air tomorrow night but next week it will screen a repeat of Burn Notice at 9:30pm, which is two repeats back to back.

This follows ONE pushing the repeats of Homeland out to 10:30pm.

Update:  Returns Wednesday June 20.


  1. Ive never seen it but from someone who doesn’t watch one it seems to be their most popular show.
    What a stupid idea to dump original shows and replace them with repeats.
    No wonder everybody downloads

  2. Secret Squirrel

    Gah! Hopefully melmac is right as I’ve been really enjoying this season. It is truly ironic that the once sports channel is rearranging its schedule because of sport on another network.

  3. Talking to myself here but it really is amusing that the channel that dumped Sport is now bumping drama because it’s afraid to compete with sport

  4. One’s social media team say its only off for the one week due to State of Origin strange I didn’t realise One screened the Origin

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