Paper Giants replay (except for the bits with Ita’s hubby)

As reported a few weeks ago, tonight ABC1 will replay Paper Giants: The Birth of Cleo, with Part 2 to air next week.

It’s an excellent production and Asher Keddie and Rob Carlton are fabulous in this.

However as most people know the production hit legal woes when the former husband of Ita Buttrose, Alasdair “Mac” Macdonald, objected to his portrayal as played by actor Nathan Page.

The defamation case was settled out of court following mediation between the parties and an apology from ABC and Southern Star.

ABC has confirmed to TV Tonight that the re-broadcast is an edited version of what originally ran on screen last year.

It isn’t clear if the character is excised entirely (which would be tricky) or diluted.

Given this was a minor part of the storyline hopefully this doesn’t impact on a very entertaining mini-series. It airs at 8:30pm tonight on ABC1.


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