Returning: The Walking Dead

FX will fast-track Season 3 of The Walking Dead to Australia less than 33 hours after the US.

FX will fast-track Season 3 of The Walking Dead to Australian screens, less than 33 hours after the US.

The  third season will consist of 16 episodes with 8 episodes to air from 8:30pm Tuesday October 16th with another 8 to air in February. It debuts in the US on Sunday, October 14th.

The cult zombie series will have an international rollout to 122 countries including UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, Turkey, the Baltic, all Latin America, all Middle East, Japan, Singapore, and Sub-Saharan Africa.

“Season two of The Walking Dead marked the best performance for a US cable show in our international markets. It delivered record-breaking ratings in both the US and internationally”, said Sharon Tal Yguado, SVP Scripted Programming at FOX International Channels.

“We are committed to ensuring the best viewing experience for these clearly committed fans. We think the global launch strategy is a key part of this series’ international success, and are excited to be working so closely with our partners at AMC on blowing it out of the park again this year.”

A new trailer has also been released at fxtv.com.au/shows/the-walking-dead/sneak-peek.

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  1. @ David Knox – couldn’t agree more! For those who can’t wait just over a day to watch a TV show need to realise the amount of money and work that go into producing and showing it, and the means by which they would otherwise watch it results in the companies not getting money back for their investment and will have to stop making the series (as can be seen in the local case of Tricky Business that has little viewers but those who do have a petition to keep it alive, but it is no longer viable for Nine to renew it).

  2. I haven’t seen an episode of this show but it is a step in the right direction. This will possibly stop viewers from getting this show by other means. Hopefully other network will follow.

  3. For hardcore fans, 33 hours may be too long to wait. It’s definitely an improvement (especially when Showcase was showing Game of Thrones 2 weeks after it aired) but why wouldn’t they just air it the Monday night? If someone can illegally download something mere hours after it aired in the US, how can they not get a copy and air it with the same turn around?

    1. Quebec, I have previously filed on how there are limitations. US Networks don’t always allow same day delivery, then there may be classification and promo issues to resolve. 33 hours is a good turn around, well done to FX for actioning.

  4. Firstly great news! i knew there was a reason I had Fox.

    secondly @ Tony Bee, the walking dead is about humanity and how it draws together and falls apart in an attempt to survive. the zombies are only a metaphor of the spector of death that is always close.

    The main issue with season 2 was the long drawn out plot of Sophia.

  5. Good work! This is what needs to happen across all shows. Fans will watch their favourite shows online; it stops the months of waiting time and bad timeslots. This is a great series and its good to see Australia treating it well. Pity I don’t have pay tv 🙁

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