Callum Hann wins MasterChef: All Stars

He was runner up in 2010 but 21 year old Callum Hann beat the best of them in TEN's All Star series.

21 year old Callum Hann has won the title of MasterChef All Stars, defeating 44 year old Chris Badenoch.

Hann, who was runner up in Season Two of the TEN series, also defeated 2011 winner Kate Bracks, who took third place.

The young South Australian scored 70 points out of 80, to Badenoch’s 62 points winning $20,000 for his charity, Cancer Council.

The finale included appearances by Maggie Beer and Peter Gilmore in a two-round battle that included the return on the dreaded dessert, The Snow Egg. With Hann already having tackled the dish in Season Two, the show allowed Badenoch to have a practise run under Peter Gilmore’s guidance first.

“What an unbelievable feeling. I came in as one of the underdogs, so to come out on top was really special,” he said.

“The Cancer Council does so much for the families going through what is one of the hardest times of their lives. And having gone through that myself, with my dad, I think this money can go such a long way to help people with the support services they need, and just make their lives that little bit easier.”

In a goodwill gesture, Hann offered $10,000 of his $25,000 win to Badenoch’s chosen charity, Lort Smith Animal Hospital.

“He is so selfless, and that really sums up the guy. Just fantastic,” said Badenoch.

TEN had staged the All Stars series as a strategic way to combat the Olympics, and it succeeded on that front, delivering healthy ratings.

$111,000 was distributed across the series.

· Callum Hann representing Cancer Council won $20,000
· Chris Badenoch representing Lort Smith Animal Hospital won $15,000
· Kate Bracks representing TEAR Australia won $11,000
· Justine Schofield representing Youth off the Streets won $5,000
· Julie Goodwin representing Oxfam won $15,000
· Dani Venn representing Starlight Foundation won $10,000
· Marion Grasby representing Save the Children Australia won $10,000
· Poh Ling Yeow representing Cambodian Children’s Foundation won $5,000
· Hayden Quinn representing BoysTown won $5,000
· Jonathan Daddia representing Oz Harvest won $5,000
· Aaron Harvie representing Salvation Army won $5,000
· Kumar Pereira representing Doctors without Borders won $5,000

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  1. Im thirlled that Callum won. He just seems to be such a nice guy and it was so nice how he gave $10,000 to Chris’s charity.

    I agree though. Why did we need the snow egg again. We have all seen it. Surely peter Gilmore has another dessert.

  2. Wish I never wasted my time on Masterchef All Stars. What a snore fest, and the final was so boring, do something new for goodness sake! The bit with Maggi was great, but the Snow Egg has been done before. Very stupid decision for a final and made for such boring viewing!

    I would like to see the contestants cooking their own dishes for say a three course meal. Like Masterchef UK. The Aussie version is too contrived, and seems more about celebrate chefs and their dishes rather than what the contestants can cook. I am so over this show now don’t think I will ever watch again.

  3. I didn’t even bother with the MCAllstars finale. Within the first few days it was a fait accompli Callum would be handed the win. The judges doted on him, he’s trained with George (and even made/adapted dishes in a couple of the challenges to specifically suit George’s taste), and that he obviously had an unfair advantage in having made the snow egg before, nobody else stood a chance.

  4. Absolutely ridiculous final challenge. The return of the Snow Egg – hello????? Callum had already made it in the 2010 finale and the only way the recipe was changed was that it used a different fruit for the granita. It placed Chris at an immediate disadvantage and was, I thought, most unfair. Big woops that he was given a short lesson in how to plate it; Callum had actually made the dish before – big difference. I would have been furious if I were Chris.

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