FOX Sports Plus channel to launch

Updated: FOX Sports will launch a new info channel listing current and upcoming Live sports available on Viewer's Choice.

Updated: FOX Sports Plus will launch a new channel on September 6th.

Launching on Channel 505, it will list times and channels for current and upcoming Live sports action broadcast on FOX Sports 1HD & 1, FOX Sports 2HD & 2, FOX Sports 3HD & 3, FUEL TV and SPEED which is available on Viewer’s Choice.

Though the channel won’t feature live sport, viewers will be able to access current live sport by pressing the Red Button to activate Viewer’s Choice.

When live sport is currently available on Viewer’s Choice, an icon will be displayed on the screen to let viewers know they can press the Red Button to watch the live event.

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  1. I’m disappointed that the “Viewer’s Choice” option doesn’t permit recording the game. That means I have to stay up until 2am to watch the Arsenal game.

    And on that note, I can’t understand why Norwich vs West Ham is the featured EPL game tonight. How many Norwich fans in Australia?

  2. I hope this will also mean an end to that annoying green “record next game” icon that keeps popping up while you’re watching a game. There’s enough crap on our screen as it is with all the watermarks etc, we don’t need more distractions. Seriously how hard is it to record programs? We just don’t need this feature.

  3. The name is just going to confuse viewers thinking it’s an extra sports channel. We already have a tv guide, try improving on your sport coverage instead (which is good but can always be improved)

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