Producer to exit Zapruders Other Films

Updated: Producer Anita Jacoby is parting ways with Andrew Denton's Zapruder's Other Films after 11 years together.

Producer Anita Jacoby is parting ways with Andrew Denton’s Zapruder’s Other Films after 11 years together.

Jacoby, who was executive producer and head of production on Gruen Planet, Elders, Hungry Beast, Can of Worms, Country Town Rescue and AFP, told The Australian she had ideas for TV shows but didn’t have a new job lined up.

“I only came together with Andrew for 13 weeks to make Enough Rope but it lasted 11 years,” she said.

Earlier this year Zapruder’s merged with Cordell Jigsaw (Go Back To Where You Came From, Dumb Drunk & Racist, Bondi Rescue).

Updated: Ms. Jacoby informed the company late last Tuesday that she wanted to leave for health and family reasons. Her resignation was effective immediately.

Zapruders founder and owner, Andrew Denton said: “This is a sad day. Anita has been a mighty warrior for Zapruders and, for me, a great lieutenant. Her work on Enough Rope, in particular, was stellar. I am very appreciative of all she has given to the company over the last 10 years but I understand that there comes a time in life when you have to move on – and, for Anita, that time is now. I’m sure that whatever she does next will be done well. We wish her every success.”

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