Ratings gold for Nine (try not to look shocked)

Nine’s Olympics coverage saw them blitz the ratings, while other networks took a breather from heated competition.

The biggest single audience was 2.14m viewers for the Early Evening portion of Day 2 (Sunday).

Nine: 42.2
Seven: 23.3
TEN: 16.2
ABC: 14.0
SBS: 4.3

Primary Channel:
Nine: 37.8
Seven: 17.1
TEN: 10.8
ABC1: 10.3
SBS ONE: 3.7

7TWO: 3.7
GO!: 3.4
ONE: 2.8
7mate: 2.5
ABC2: 2.3
Gem: 0.9*
ABC3: 0.8
ABC News 24: 0.6
SBS TWO: 0.6
*excludes Olympics simulcast, numbers merged with Nine.

Nine won all demos, all nights and all cities.

ABC defeated TEN on Monday, Friday and Saturday.

This week is separated by advertisers from normal data at the end of the year.


  1. I don’t find this surprising. The biggest event in the world you will still get takers even if the majority of those takers are constantly complaining every day about the coverage. And it’s also the standard of what is up against it. Most don’t make a huge effort because they know they will be up against it anyway.

    The proof will be whether they do sustain in two weeks with their new shows. Personally I think the outcome will be very mixed. I believe there will be a program that will hang on….one that will have initial interest and then will drop away…and one very mediocre. Time will of course tell.

    I’d be interested to know David what Foxtel says about uptake on their services in say the last 4 days. I’ve also seen a great deal of sharing of online bypass systems to enable viewing of say the BBC Olympics coverage. In some cases people have 9 on in the background and have their improved version running on their computer and they do then do a cross-analysis and check.

    But, any figures from Foxtel about increase in their sign-ons since say last Saturday?

  2. ONE beating Eleven wouldn’t have before. I’m assuming its mainly down to having HD movies on at 8.30pm every night.
    Without knowing the programmers at Ten, I guess there will be more of the same. I’m waiting for the ONE premiere of ‘The Devil Wears Prada’…

  3. agreed, the ads have been worse this time, & they seem to be jumping around events more too. No suprise people will watch anway & nine wins ratings, i also wouldn’t be suprised if they win next week too because of BB & Underbelly premieres, but lets see how long they can sustain it.

  4. I don’t know anyone who is admitting to watching the Games. Like so much commercial TV output, the frequent and intrusive ad breaks make the event unwatchable.

  5. So much for the Olympics being “gettable” – who said that from Seven anyway? No excuses for whatever happens after these games for Nine with so much opportunity to promote their line up.

  6. I’ve looked at Seven, Nine and Ten for after the Olympics and I feel there are fewer good shows coming than what was on offer earlier in the year. I’m not a fan of reality tv which will be in overload mode so there’s not much on that interests me.

  7. TasTVcameraman

    Well it certainly wasn’t for me, I watched DVD’s and shows on other channels rather than most of the Olympics however I did watch the canoeing and was great stuff , but I think the rest of the season will be interesting in giving some new series to watch/

  8. Good to see Nine win every day and every city for a change. Doubt they will do it without the Olympics but will be stronger and dominate the East Coast, especially Sydney. Few good shows on the other networks too like Masterchef. I can feel there will be plenty to watch post- Olympics with Nine and Ten looking to be the best especially with new Aussie dramas.

  9. Seems to me that these two weeks are less about which channel we’re watching and more about which specific events and athletes we’re watching.

    Plus which events we’re prepared to lose sleep over to see them live (versus watching the highlights the next day)

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