Doctor Who sets new iView record

ABC’s first episode of the new Doctor Who season set a new iView record yesterday, reaching 75,900 plays in a day.

ABC is boldly premiering every episode on iView before its television premiere, available from Sunday mornings for two weeks at a time.

Doctor Who beats the former iView record-holder, Angry Boys, although it has since become more widely available on other platforms including iPhone.

‘Asylum of the Daleks’ has its TV premiere at 7:30pm Saturday on ABC1.


  1. I have to say ABC’s iview is fantastic and I’m so impressed that they posted the episode on line so quickly. Not only did I watch Dr Who but episodes of Gruen & Grand Designs.
    ABC leading the way again.

  2. Ted, I read that Jenna-Louise’s Companion character possibly shares a name with her Asylum character: Clara Oswin and Oswin Oswald. Shades of Dodo and Anne Chaplet!!

  3. Possible spoiler alert:

    Appreciated the new series and IView for bringing it but what really, really got me was that the new companion was in it (Orwin Oswald play by Jenna-Louise Coleman).

    Looking forward to how they bring her into series.

  4. It was a brilliant episode! The new companion looks set to be fantastic and will take the story in a different direction (and hopefully soften the blow of Amy and Rory’s departure mid-season). UK ratings seemed to be down a bit on the previous seasons, so hopefully, it’s just a temporary glitch. Kudos and thank you to the ABC for catering to the show’s core audience!

  5. ABC deserves these figures for recognising that there is a “Who” community out there. It was great to able to take part in the discussions with other fans around the world and not desperately try to avoid friends on Facebook or forum. I’m sure it won’t greatly impact their viewing figures on TV either as most fans love to watch it with the rest of the country too. The episode was great and as usual left more questions unanswered than answered. Nice to get a sneak preview of Jenna Louise before her official intro as the new companion. It was also great of the BBC not to region lock “Pond Life” – the mini spin off they ran on their site leading in. I urge anyone who is waiting to see it on air to watch Pond Life first – it’s worth it.

  6. Some days I’m lucky to have the internet work at all. Sometimes it’s only once or twice an hour. Imagine how many more could access it if only. I’m glad some can view the series unspoiled. So far I haven’t been. But I do look forward to it on the main channel. I’m glad it’s under a week later.

  7. Nice to know it’s every ep, not just the first. I know the show has it’s knockers on sites like this but it’s still a lot of fun…

    FYI do a YouTube season for ‘Pond Life’ there are 5 parts just a minute or so each and they fill in some of the blanks between last season and this. Here is part 1… enjoy.

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