Hamish and Andy in Trans-Tasman specials

Hamish & Andy are about to screen two 90 minute specials on Nine as part of their Caravan of Courage series, previously on TEN.

The Australia vs NZ special will see the pair drive the length of New Zealand and the breadth of Australia in their motorhome, comparing and contrasting the places and people they encounter, before deciding on an ultimate winner.

“Yes, we again plan to boldly go where many senior citizens and retirees have gone before us… on a caravan trip,” says Andy Lee.

These two specials are understood to be part of the remaining 3 that the duo must deliver as part of their deal with Nine.

Michael Healy, Nine’s Director of Television, added: “We are really happy to have the boys back home on the road in Australia and NZ, and looking forward to seeing the results of their travels, with, no doubt, hilarious tales to be told along the way.”

Nine is yet to announce an airdate for the Trans-Tasman battle.


  1. So I see hamish and Andy (and channel 9) are milking this format for all it’s worth. There are much funnier Australian comics out there and yet these two lowest common denominators are reaping prime time slots.

  2. I really enjoyed the Euro Gap Year, when they get the formula right they can be very funny. I love the competitions they come up with the most, so I hope to see more of those with these two specials.

  3. Not impressed and I think this just such a huge waste of precious limited funds. What a life these two lead being allowed to travel most of the year and just purely have fun…fully paid. I think their humour getting old. A few years ago when they were fresh and top of their game..yep, fair enough..but now?? Nope. I am reminded of the discussion re the Logies yesterday….. what insiders may find hilarious and what mate’s do…isn’t necessarily connected with the broader audience any more.

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