Airdate: Adam Hills: The Last Leg of the Year

2013-01-03_1912Next Monday night ABC1 screens a premiere special, Adam Hills: The Last Leg of the Year.

Adam Hills presents an alternative review of the year showcasing the best gems of action and tackling the intricacies of disability sport.

The show is obviously part of his Channel 4 series in the UK, The Last Leg with Adam Hills.

Hillsy also fronted an alternative Christmas message on the ABC last week. Full of rhyming couplets, this 2 minute clip can still be seen on iview.

8:30pm Monday January 7th ABC1.

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  1. I just saw the promo tonight- and about time. The ABC really should have got the rights to show The Last Leg during the Paralympics, and I hope they have them for the second season.

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