Shura Taft to host The Mole

2013-01-11_0036Former Pyramid, Kids WB and Postcards presenter Shura Taft has been named as host of The Mole, returning to Seven this year.

Taft was recently a co-host of the short-lived Uplate on GO! and FOX Footy’s The Super Coach Show as well as having been the face of travel campaigns.

The Mole has previously been hosted by both Tom Williams and Grant Bowler and returns to Seven after a number of years’ absence.

This year the show is titled The Mole: Culture Clash and once again contestants must try and discover the identity of a ‘plant’ who is sabotaging their gameplay.

“This is the start of something special. The Mole is a much-loved show, and the time is right to return it to Australian screens. And to cast Shura as host is tremendously exciting. He’s taking the next step in his career, he has talent, charm and a very real ability to connect with the audience, and he’ll do a fantastic job,” said Seven’s Director of Production Brad Lyons.

“As a host you want to not only love what you do but also love the show you’re hosting. To be given the opportunity by Seven to be a part of The Mole is unbelievable. It’s a dream job,” Taft said.

“I’ve been a big fan of The Mole since the first series started when I was at secondary school. The fact that one of the contestants is actually trying to sabotage what the others are trying to achieve is fantastic intrigue. The mind games are the best part of the game. I’m an absolute Mole nerd,” he said.

There are questions about whether a return for The Mole could also come at the expense of The Amazing Race Australia. Despite calling for entrants the show is understood to not yet having been.

It’s nice to see some ‘new’ names getting their shot at hosting, instead of the usual faces.

Filming begins soon.


  1. Yes I’m also very glad it’s not Grant Denyer!! Glad Australia’s Got Talent is now on Nine for that reason as we don’t get to see him. Good to see Seven picking up new faces for a change. Let’s see if Shura can step up to the mark and impress viewers on prime time.

  2. I don’t understand why Grant Bowler wasn’t shoed in as the presenter. However Shura’s enthusiasm as a self confess ‘Mole nerd’ definitely scores points with me.

  3. Much better than GD. Watched the Super Coach show on Fox Footy last year and he was brilliant. Good to see someone different hosting a reality show and I’ll certainly be watching. Thank heavens its not Andrew O’Keefe or GD.

  4. Wow I was sure 7 would give it to Grant Denyer. I do hope this doesnt mean the amazing race aus is gone though.

    Well done 7 on giving it to an outsider. Must have auditioned well.

  5. With this appointment it still gives me some hope that The Amazing Race Australia will return too. It is good to see a new face though. I loved The Mole when it was on too. I just hope it isn’t at the expense of my other favourite reality show The Amazing Race Australia.

  6. Perfect decision! I’ve seen Shura hosting Pryamid and I’ve always thought how good he is, young, bright and enthusiastic, someone new and different for a change! He will be great in this role, can’t wait to see The Mole

  7. While it is good to see a less mainstream name hosting the show, I do think Grant Bowler is the perfect host for this show. I hope this means that they are keeping Grant free for TARA. But needless to say I am sure now Seven has Shura, we will be seeing a lot more of him in cross promotions (Today Tonight, Dancing with the Stars, guest co-host on Sunrise or The Morning Show. It will certainly lift his profile from the prodominantly teen/tween age group.

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