Airdate: Kevin McCloud’s Man Made Home, Returning: Midsomer Murders

Kevin McCloud relaxes outside his shedABC1 has made further programming changes to its upcoming Sunday schedules.

Restoration Home and Dream Build are out on Feb 10, replaced by Kevin McCloud’s Man Made Home at 7:30pm.

New Midsomer Murders begins at 8:30pm after Upstairs Downstairs ends with a double episode this Sunday. Rev returns at 10pm.

Plans to screen Call the Midwife and Adam Hills: The Last Leg on Sunday, 17 February are now out.


  1. We do not see the full HD versions of these shows .Short changed in Sydney as we miss out on the original HD quality & get the low definition versions.Just seen in the UK the new Midsomer Murders & Lewis. Amazing detail in their UK tv system compared to ours. So clear with lots of depth & contrast.

  2. I like “Restoration Home”
    I hope that means we’ve seen the whole series :/
    Yay! for new “Midsomer Murders” Finally!!!
    Kevin’s new show looks good too 🙂

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